What’s the big reveal going to be?

corocoro pages 52-53

Three days ago, 5 new Pokémon were revealed, and at last, the types for Xerneas and Yveltal were revealed. I have to say, the new Pokémon that were revealed are actually quite interesting. However, that’s not the issue today.

Take a look at the page scan at the top of this post, and you’ll see the three starter Pokémon of Kalos, along with the numbers “8/10”, which appear to indicate a date, something like August 10th (it’s hard for me to understand because I can’t read Japanese text).

Well, the next issue of CoroCoro magazine comes out in Japan on August 12th, some 4 weeks from now. All Serebii.net says about the next issue is that it will contain “the biggest scoop of the century”.

What could it be? Could the entire Kalos Pokédex be revealed? Or will we see the starter evolutions we’ve been praying for? Judging from the particular scan, it’s more likely to be the starter evolutions.

Speaking of them, since the starter Pokémon were revealed back in January, many have tried guessing what they may evolve into. Type “Pokémon X and Y starter evolutions” on Google Images, and you’ll see a plethora of drawings by fans attempting to guess the evolutions. You may have seen a new image featuring art for what are believed to be the starter evolutions.

pokemon x and y

It looks convincing enough, but I don’t think they’re real.

The picture could clearly be a hoax, mainly due to it trying to imitate the pages of a CoroCoro magazine, but it doesn’t look too professional. Then again, I thought the Fairy type was fake, but it turned out to be very real.

Real or fake, the designs seem to be following the formula of Grass/Dark for Chespin, Fire/Psychic for Fennekin, and Water/Fighting for Froakie, which was implied in the first Nintendo Direct trailer for Pokémon X and Y in January. Really, the only consistent part of the trio is that all three starters are based on forest animals (a hedgehog, a fox and a frog).

I’m actually hoping for either the entire Pokédex, or the real starter evolutions. I’m actually hope that the Dark/Psychic/Fighting formula for secondary types is true, because it would provide a balance between the three starter Pokémon. It would mean that I really don’t have to give a crap about which of the three I choose, as long as there’s still a way to defeat the opponent’s Pokémon.

Whatever the scoop turns out to be, I just hope it’ll hold us over until Pokémon X and Y comes out on October 12th.


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