I feel like I’m American

us flag

Ever since I learned to talk in America, I always felt that Britain was not the right place for me. I’m not moving to the US, but I always seemed to be the complete antithesis of British culture.

Think about it. My mannerisms were completely un-British. I like almost everything to be done the American way, and I never, ever use any of that god-awful British slang. It just sounds horrible when said with an American accent.

My Mom once told me that your outlook on life can be influenced by where and how you’re raised. The typical British outlook on life is something I’ve always despised. What would that tell you about me?

In the culture department, I used to mildly tolerate British TV, but nowadays I seem to have an outright hatred for all the major British channels, and how corny British popular culture is. I can go into great detail if I wanted to, but I won’t.

What I’m trying to say is that, despite my relative satisfaction, life in Britain kind of sucks. Since America, I wanted the best, and living in a small town in the UK certainly won’t give me that for too long. I’ve often lamented the fact that we don’t get American food here very often, and the fact that British TV shows suck so hard that we in the UK frequently resort to importing US TV shows.

For me, my most formative years were in the US, so of course I wouldn’t have a very positive view of the UK, especially not with an overly people-pleasing culture like the UK’s. Maybe someday I’ll go back to the land that would truly be home.


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