When will the sitcoms die?

big bang theory

OK. This has got to stop.

If there’s one TV genre I’m getting very sick of, it’s the sitcoms. Sitcoms dominate most TV schedules in the US and UK, and almost all of them follow the same formula:

  • The show is set in the suburbs, New York, or LA
  • The show revolves around a family unit (usually a “nuclear” family)
  • The adults in the sitcoms are always right
  • The kids have no voice of their own
  • The characters always try to preach some sh*tty moral messages
  • And everything is back to normal every episode

I’m beginning to hate sitcoms due to their enormous reliance on stereotypes. Would like to know why sitcoms garner high ratings figures in America? Because, of all the 316 million people in America, most of the people who watch sitcoms are its intended audience: middle-aged losers.

There are a few good sitcoms like The Simpsons, and even Frasier, but shows like the Simpsons are treated separately from live-action sitcoms, even though they’re still sitcoms.

I often question the “comedy” part of the word sitcom, because a lot of the jokes don’t seem to be funny in most shows. A lot of sitcoms tout themselves as “realistic”, yet most people in real life, for all I know, are nothing like on Two and a Half Men. Come to think of it, sitcoms are actually full of stereotypes that the writers refuse to be humble about.

Shows like Family Guy consistently take the worst examples of American society and paint them as “normal” in society. Why do they do this? Because most people aren’t like that, and TV producers don’t believe that Americans will enjoy watching a family that’s actually true to life. This is the same reason why most reality TV families are just trailer trash from the South, but do we enjoy them? NO!

With that in mind, what will it take for sitcoms to finally die? Well, the only way a TV show can die is if it were cancelled, usually due to low ratings. For sitcoms to start going away, we need to stop watching them. More importantly, if we want to prove that we’re smarter than the network executives think we are, we’ve got to stop demanding the same thing. Shows like Two and a Half Men and Whitney paint a horrible picture of both men and women, and shows like Wendell and Vinnie are completely unrealistic.

Overall, the rise of sitcoms is our fault. If we’re tired of them, then we’ve got to do something ourselves.


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