The myth of global citizenship

global citizenship


In college, there was one thing they were trying to push on us – the idea of “global citizenship”. What is global citizenship? Global citizenship is the idea of a “one world government” system in which all humans are joined as “citizens of Earth”, hence the term “global citizen”.

I can see through the bullsh*t, and I can tell that it actually sounds like blueprints for a one-world dictatorship, where all are united under one flag. They say that nations don’t have to go away, but if we are all “global citizens”, then that defeats the purpose of there being individual nations, as the concept of nations implies individual cultures. Global citizenship is just a ploy for what the preachers of world peace really want for the world.

In college, the posters said “we are all global citizens – play your part”. F*ck no. I’m not a global citizen. I’m a free kid! Even if I were a global citizen, who said I was? Who decided that for me? Whoever it is should come out right now!

People who push the idea of global citizenship hide behind the cause of “anti-racism” and “equality”. I guess that would be the logical extreme of equality for everyone. What really sickens me is that they’re pushing it on children. That’s right, innocent kids are being brainwashed into believing the lie of “global citizenship”.

This idea is obviously being propagated by vengeful communists who aren’t happy with the fact that collectivism doesn’t run the world. If I’m wrong about the “communist” part, please let me know, but for the purpose of taking them down a notch, I want to point out a few reasons why a society of global citizenship is logically impossible.

  1. Cultures will inevitably clash when they’re made to co-exist. This is the same reason why state multiculturalism is destined to fail.
  2. People will never accept a one-world government, especially not Americans. Maybe that’s why it’s being sugar-coated as “global citizenship”.
  3. People want to have their own culture. What do you think the Britons, the Americans, the Italians, and the Japanese all have in common? They all have a strong sense of tradition. Tradition is like the glue that holds together a cultural identity. Without that, there’s nothing that makes us distinct from everyone else. Distinction is the word. Distinction is a thing of individuality, which itself is a thing of glory.

What I’m trying to say is that “global citizenship” is merely a mask for a one-world government plot. Such mass collectivism can’t be tolerated. Now that I’ve told you the truth about global citizenship, choose now what you are in all this.

  • A free man
  • A slave to a one-world government (a.k.a. “global citizen”)
  • Or somewhere in the middle

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