Why Final Fantasy XV is fatal for Square Enix

final fantasy xv

You’re not fooling anyone, Square Enix.

Last week, Square Enix officially announced that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was re-branded as the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV, which is set for release on the PS4 and Xbox One next year.

I have only one question for Sqaure Enix. Sqaure, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR F**KING MIND?

I’m surprised they didn’t just cancel the damn thing, especially since it’s been in development for 7 years. What’s worse is that it’s an extreme departure from Final Fantasy gameplay even by XIII’s standards.

Square Enix now seems incredibly cocky, thinking they can make millions of pounds without p*ssing off their core fanbase. Well, the reveal of Final Fantasy XV had basically fanned the flames for fan outrage. With millions of fans militantly opposing this move, Square is doomed. But there are many other reasons why.

The overlong development time

Here’s a quick question. How long did it take to finish Final Fantasy XIII? It took 4 years, and had a development team of 180 people. That seems impressive, but take a gander at what came out in 2010. What we got was a linear, confused, overly-glossy mess of a game that had a hard time calling itself an RPG.

Gamers aren’t stupid. They know that a game is not going to do so well after years of development hell. I’ll give you the most famous example of all: Duke Nukem Forever. While I admit that I like Duke Nukem Forever, I have to mention that this game currently holds the record for taking 14 years to make (twice as long as Final Fantasy XV took to be announced), and when that game finally got released two years ago, the critics hated it, and so did the general public.

When Final Fantasy XV comes out next year, I think it’s likely to suffer the same fate. It’s already drawn hatred from fans (I seen more than a few comments on YouTube), and I’m sure many RPG gamers are suspicious it, primarily because…

It betrays Final Fantasy gameplay

When the gameplay trailer was revealed, it was clear to me that this is not a Final Fantasy game. In fact, looking at it, it’s just another action game loaded with RPG elements.

I’m sorry, but if it’s going to be an RPG, it must be turn-based. It’s a tradition as old as the genre itself, and Square is openly going to turn its back on what are practically ancient principles.

What on God’s green earth were they smoking when they came up with this? I think it’s pretty clear that Final Fantasy XV won’t sell very well at all.

Spiritually, it walks the same path as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, & XIII

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, the first things you’ll see in the Final Fantasy XV trailer are whiny teenagers with stylish hair and pretentiously styled clothes.

Does that sound familiar to you? That’s the same direction they went for Final Fantasy XIII, which itself is the same direction as in Final Fantasy VII.

I’ve also noticed that, through the trailers, Square is touting this as “a fantasy based on reality”. F*ck no! I’m sorry, but if you make a fantasy game filled with flashy special effects and large monsters, it’s already lost connection with reality. There’s no excuse for being pretentious guys!

Square Enix is incredibly insecure

What’s even worse is that both XIII and XV went through numerous delays to make sure the graphics were cutting edge. You know, I think I know why Square Enix takes long to make these games. They’re insecure!

They’re scared of making anything that the general public doesn’t see as “cutting edge”, so they wait until their games reach a ludicrously high standard of quality, except that it’s extremely shallow.

Square Enix has basically become the logical extreme of what happens when a company puts graphics over gameplay, and it’s had bad results. At this point, Kingdom Hearts III sounds better by comparison, and I hate the idea behind Kingdom Hearts!


Final Fantasy XV is going to come out in 2014. That, I feel, is inevitable this time. But I think that we should all ignore it. Only then can we finally teach Square Enix a lesson.

I think that Square Enix should be proud that Final Fantasy managed to survive for 26 years, but if the future of the series is more of this crap, then I think it’s the end of era.

But the death of Final Fantasy doesn’t automatically mean the death of JRPGs. In Japan, Dragon Quest, Pokémon, and Shin Megami Tensei are still top-selling games. Maybe the torch needs to be passed on to a new generation, one that will pick up where Final Fantasy VI left off.


2 thoughts on “Why Final Fantasy XV is fatal for Square Enix

  1. I hate Square Enix for two reasons: 1) They ruined the entire Final Fantasy Series with Final Fantasy XIII. 2) They ruined the entire Dragon Quest(Dragon Warrior) Series with Dragon Quest X, the worst Dragon Quest game ever, because it’s a MMO and you must pay to play. Do you want me to have another reason to hate Square Enix?

    • If I wanted you to have another reason to hate Square Enix, passively or not, then I’d a thought that this post already gives you those reasons. They’re insecure about what other people think of them, which is the only reason they make these games with ludicrous graphics. Then again, E3 trailers can be extremely deceptive.

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