The media should stop putting certain people on a pedestal

to put on a pedestal

“To put on a pedestal” means having really high expectations for someone or something, and tricking yourself into believing that they’ll always meet those expectations, even if they may really be less than perfect. If I told you that this is what the media does with disabled people all the time, at best, you might not believe me. At worst, you’d be offended by that idea entirely.

To explain this, I’ll refer to the case of Oscar Pistorius.

Yesterday’s trial of Oscar Pistorius has been postponed until the August 19th. That may be the case, but that isn’t stopping me from talking about the core of why this is a big deal in the first place.

As soon I saw the tabloids scream “Blade Runner” in recent times, I wondered what the big deal was. But then it hit me, Oscar Pistorius was famous for being the first double-leg amputee to run alongside able-bodied people during the last Olympics.

Naturally, the media did to him what they do to all disabled people who get our attention: create the fictitious image that he and all other disabled people are perfect just because they overcame the odds. That stereotype got shattered as soon as Pistorius fired his gun at his girlfriend four months ago.

I believe that the only reason Pistorius’ murder charge has been so overblown by the tabloids is because it basically ruined all their efforts to make him their saint. It’s the very same process as all celebrities and politicians.

  1. They build them up as “perfect” idols
  2. Then they watch as the public eat it up like candy
  3. They badger the celebrities in order to find even the slightest flaws
  4. Then they exaggerate those flaws, and pass it off as news
  5. They watch as their specially made false idols fall from grace

It’s a process that goes back generations. I’m not saying that Oscar Pistorius ever planned on running for president of South Africa, but my point remains valid.

Now I think I should move on to my main point. The mainstream media won’t stop pushing the same message of equality on everyone, but somehow, they treat the disabled better than everyone else just because their disabled. I have nothing against the disabled, but I have everything against the tabloids, and double standards.

How can one stand for equality, but lift someone above everyone else? It’s the fundamental paradox which is the reason why I’ve written this post. Besides, the media doesn’t give fat people any fair treatment at all.

Whatever you believe, the tabloids are still going to reap some mighty profits by sensationalising the whole issue, all because we’re too gullible to see past the hype.


2 thoughts on “The media should stop putting certain people on a pedestal

    • I read the article, and I have to say, it was very professionally written. I was impressed by what “Angry Harry” had to say on the matter, and it gave me a whole new perspective on tabloids, that they are the evil that is ruining the country.

      You can’t tame evil very easily. Something must be done.

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