Some things about Pokémon X and Y remain unanswered

pokemon x and y

Information underload

Next Tuesday, Nintendo will be hosting a special round-table event and Q&A in which, it is assumed, a massive out-pour of new X and Y details will be unveiled. With is in mind, I felt it was appropriate for me to talk about Pokémon X & Y again.

Over the past 5 months, there has been a relative drought of information, with only 5 new Pokémon having been announced for X and Y, and a new form for Mewtwo. What bugs me is one simple thing, why wasn’t the whole Pokédex revealed yet? In past generations, new Pokémon would be revealed, and soon after, the entire Pokédex would be revealed close to the Japanese release dates.

These new games on the other hand are being released worldwide at the same time. I understand that the new Pokédex is said to be enormous, to the point that it’s divided into three. But just how big of a Pokédex are we talking about? How many Pokémon are to be revealed? Well, the numbers of a Pokédex only have three digits, and so the count can only go up to 999, meaning that, at maximum, Nintendo may only be able to reveal 350 more Pokémon before the Pokédex gets full.

Going back to the issue of Mewtwo, there is still no word on how Mewtwo can access this new form, and on top of that, I already found an article which speculates that there may be another form for Mewtwo coming up. It could just be a rumour, but because not much has been revealed, speculation is all I’ve got.

Speaking of legendary Pokémon, what about the version mascots: Xerneas and Yveltal? Their types have not yet been revealed as far as I know. But why not? Reshiram and Zekrom had their types revealed as soon as they were announced back in 2010. Xerneas and Yveltal have been revealed 5 months ago, and to this day, no type information has surfaced, leading many to guess by themselves. While were on the same subject, what about Sylveon, the new (pointless) evolution of Eevee? Why hasn’t its type been revealed?

I think I can explain this. For every Eeveelution that gets announced, there’s a unique type to go with. When Umbreon was announced in around 1999, it was given the then-new “Dark” type. With that in mind, could Sylveon belong to a completely new type? Many have speculated that Sylveon is going be a “Fairy” type Pokémon. But that idea is simply laughable at best. It looks more fit to be a Normal type. And the whole “Fairy type” thing is just one of many rumours that have been circulating the net over the past few weeks.

With all the rumours and speculation being swept around the Internet, it’s very easy to get confused. Hell, even I am, especially as Nintendo isn’t actively dealing with those rumours as of yet.

Only one thing is really important, whether or not the rumours will be proven wrong. I’ll be waiting for Nintendo’s big event.

UPDATE (11th June): 7 days after this post was written, the thing I believed was going to happen, had happened. The mythical Fairy type has been revealed, and it can kick a dragon’s ass.


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