The Great British hype

the queen

Big fucking deal.

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s official coronation. On this day, I ask one question: What’s the big deal?

Five months ago, I wrote a post on why we no longer need the royal family, and how they have been delegated to celebrity status. One thing I’m so sick of is the way the British media has made both this year’s anniversary and last year’s Diamond Jubilee both seem bigger than they are. For God’s sake, every TV guide magazine released over the last week featured a picture of the Queen.

Why? The Queen is basically an overpaid celebrity, and yet the media paints her as an incorruptible saint just because she’s the goddamn Queen. Didn’t our parents learn anything the Sex Pistols? Yes the Sex Pistols were an overrated, purely image-based band, but they carried the one message that was universal in punk rock: never trust the establishment.

And yet the British news outlets are the cheerleaders for the royal family. What kind of message are we sending to kids? Are we telling them it’s wrong to think for yourself if you don’t worship the royal family? Are we honestly saying that there should always be someone much richer than us doing nothing other than telling us how we should behave? Hell no!

For me, the Queen is nothing more than a false idol that we are made to worship by the liars in the government and the media. If we were given the choice, we wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about the royals. So if you’re asking, I won’t be celebrating the coronation. I’d rather be a free thinker than a mindless follower of the hype.


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