Why the Pokémon anime is overrated

pokemon anime

As I kid, I always watched the Pokémon cartoon anime. At the time, it was something good to watch, combined with the fact that as a kid I was a massive Pokémon nerd. Yes, I’m still big on Pokémon, but I think I’ve outgrown the anime series. How?

Well, when you come to think about it, the Pokémon anime is pretty corny. Maybe the classic episodes from the 90’s might still have some appeal, but from the Advanced Generation-onwards, I’m not so sure, and I’ve definitely never seen any episode that aired in Generation IV or V.

The voice acting is alright, but I feel the characters don’t take anything seriously, almost as though the show is deliberately camp.

batman and robin

Oh God no!

I don’t think the anime series has anything to do with the games. In fact, I think Nintendo purposefully made it deviate from the games so they could put all sorts of ridiculous shit into the mixture, allowing it to be a more mainstream anime series. In both theory and practice, this makes the anime series a cheap exploitation of the games.

Its not hard to figure that out. Pokémon first came out in Japan in 1996, where it sold like hot cakes. Naturally, Nintendo wanted to capitalize on this is, and so the anime was made and released in the following the year. It came to America in 1998, a few weeks after the anime series, and Europe would wait until 1999 for Pokémon to come out.

The Pokémon anime also seems to make a big deal out of characters, places, and often gameplay mechanics that were relatively minor in the games. For instance, a number of episodes in the “Battle Frontier” series (which aired in 2005) revolved around May entering Pokémon contests. I hate Pokémon contests. I’ve always viewed them as a mere gimmick, and I hated the episodes that make a big deal out of it for this very reason.

Another facet of the anime I’ve grown tired of Team Rocket. They’ve always been the villains in the anime, and they show up in almost every episode, saying the exact same fucking thing, and that’s in spite of the fact that the games have moved on from Team Rocket.

My point is that I think the Pokémon anime has overstayed its welcome for many years and has now become stale and repetitive, to the point that only young kids can enjoy it.


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