The History Channel has officially hit rock bottom

duck dynasty

Pictured: Rednecks in suits

For the past 5 years, I’ve been observing how the History Channel has been declining in quality. They used to air actual documentaries about history. In short, it was the place where you could sit your kid in front of, expecting him or her to learn history (if you did it nowadays, he’d be more likely to talk like a redneck, or learn Nazi salutes).

That all changed in 2009 when a reality TV show named Pawn Stars (try pronouncing it with a British accent, I dare you). It’s basically nothing more than the goings on of a family owned pawn shop, and yet bizarrely, it’s become the channel’s highest-rated program (at least in America).

After Pawn Stars aired, History brought on a number of other reality TV programs, and eventually, in a hopeless quest for ratings, Discovery and National Geographic followed suit, and now Nat Geo is full of reality TV programs that copied from History. Sooner or later, Discovery copied History as well with Auction Kings. What’s the difference? It’s all crap!

What’s even more infuriating for veteran viewers is that much of the History Channel’s programming schedule is filled to the brim with reality TV shows starring stupid rednecks. On Monday, I checked the schedule for the History Channel UK, and found that the only program on for 12 hours was the new show Duck Dynasty. What the hell?

The other problem is all the conspiracy crap they’ve been airing (remember Ancient Aliens?). It’s blatantly obvious that History’s biggest market consists of rednecks when they spout the same crap as they do. On top of that, History has made numerous documentaries which tie various things to the occult, even though they have no prior relationship. They’re basically the redneck version of Jack Chick, except it’s not funny.

If that’s not bad enough, they’ve shelled out a new program called Cajun Pawn Stars, which is basically a rehash of Pawn Stars. But you know, if I changed the second word of the title…

All jokes aside, I think that the History channel, maybe all documentary channels in general, are sliding a slippery slope past the point of no return. They’re crap and there’s nothing we can do about it. They only thing we can do now is ignore them.


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