My thoughts on the Xbox One

xbox one

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Xbox One, the successor to the Xbox 360, thus completing the trinity of next-gen consoles, which includes the Wii U and the PS4. Since the announcement of the Wii U, I’ve been waiting to see what Microsoft can pull out their ass, and apparently, this is the best they could come up with.

With the other next-gen consoles, I did a lot of thinking about them, but this time it’s easy. I have absolutely no faith or interest in the Xbox One. Why?

First, couldn’t they have come up with a better name? Xbox One sounds like they named it after the first Xbox console. The name itself doesn’t seem have any meaning as of yet.

Second, from a technical perspective, the Xbox One is nothing but a complete clone of the PS4. It uses Blu-ray discs just like the PS4, and it also has the same 8GB memory. Believe it or not, they both use the same CPUs (both use the AMD 8-core “Jaguar CPU).

Both are estimated to be released in the upcoming holiday season at an estimated $400 (around £263).

Third, literally nothing has changed in the overall design since the Xbox 360. With the exception of the D-pad, the controller is pretty much identical to the last controller in terms of design. The god-awful Kinect also returns, but it’s Kinect 2.0 this time. It’s basically just like the first one, except that up to four people can join in.

Not many games has been confirmed for the Xbox One, but much of the games that have been confirmed for it are already available on the PS4, and some of them are already set for release on the PS3 and the Xbox 360, which leads me to think, what’s the point?

I’m aware that there’s more information about the Xbox One that won’t be revealed until next month’s E3 conference, but I really don’t care. I guess you could say that if it ain’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it. But the Xbox 360 was a crappy console on its own, what with the dreaded red ring of death.

Overall, what does Microsoft expect to prove by copying their primary competitor? As a gamer, I don’t like the Xbox One, mainly due to its status as a rushed, soulless console. At least Nintendo waited for a year and a half to release the Wii U. Microsoft on the other hand, I think they put this out purely for the sake of being in the next console wars. They’ll still have the same attitude as with the Xbox 360.


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