My first look at the Rayman Legends demo

rayman legends demo

That’s not me, but my point remains valid.

Two hours ago, I went out to town and into the local GAME store. Whilst there, I wanted to get a hands on experience with the Wii U. I was ploughing through the best possible game to play a demo of, and out of all of them, I picked Rayman Legends.

Even though I plan on playing the PS3 version, I was genuinely impressed with the Wii U version. The control scheme was superb, the graphics were stellar, and the demo itself was really fun to play.

You don’t get a lot of time to play the demo, but you get enough time that you have a good impression of the game. I’ve played it on a display console in GAME, and in it, there were three modes:

“Teensies in Trouble” is essentially a basic gameplay level, where you go around saving the Teensies. Further on, there’s a segment that showcases Murfy, a character who can help you if you use the Wii U Game Pad. I have to say, this is quite possibly the best, and most extensive use of the GamePad I’ve ever seen so far, and the gameplay was really fluent.

“Castle Rock” is something a little more fun. It’s a short level, but you basically sprint to the finish, whilst kicking and jumping at the right time all to the tune of a heavy metal song made for the game. This almost makes Rayman sound like freaking Guitar Hero, or HarmoKnight on 3DS, but in this game, it’s awesome! Either way, the demo is a great way to show off the game on Wii U, and it makes me want to play the full game even more. Now if only I had the Wii U.


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