Top 10 games I want to see get made

With all the news I’ve been hearing about upcoming games like Batman: Arkham OriginsAssassin’s Creed IVShin Megami Tensei IV, among others, I think that there are so many games that we as gamers want developers to make, that they aren’t making.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous games I want to see get made. This list is about the games I want made, and how I’d like them to be made.

Note: All images do not represent the games that do not exist. They represent existing games and serve to give an idea of what I would want.

10. Contra 5 (3DS)

contraAfter Contra 4 was released in America over 5 years ago, there have been no new Contra games. Why not? We need more games like it, because the game industry is slowly losing sight of the principles that made it great in the 80’s and 90’s.

For Contra 5,  I would like it to have the gameplay of the classic NES Contra, but with 3D graphics, like in Mega Man X8, where you have 2D side-scrolling gameplay co-existing with 3D graphics. However, as a bonus, I’d like Contra 5 to allow you to make your own characters, that way you could make your own Rambo, Schwarzenegger, or John McClane.

Also, I’d like Contra 5 to not be as hard as Contra 4. Seriously, Contra 4 is great fun, but it’s so hard that I can hardly get past 2 or 3 levels.

9. The Real Metroid 4 (3DS)

metroid fusion

No. This is not Metroid 4.

Some people have (moronically) reffered to Metroid Fusion as “Metroid 4”, as though Super Metroid was supposed to be “Metroid 3”. It’s not!

Anyway, after the grievous disaster that was Metroid: Other M, I’ve been waiting for a real Metroid game (as I’m sure the fans are). What exactly do I want? Classic, 2D side-scrolling gameplay with 3D graphics (yes, this will be a trend), with elaborate maps that make you feel like a rat in a maze (which is how people felt about Metroid in the 80’s), and a customizable suit would be nice too.

I’d also like there to be a nice variety of power-ups, including some from the Metroid Prime trilogy. As for Samus herself, I would prefer for her to a relatively silent protagonist, because when she finally got to speak, she kept going on and on and on about the same damn mopey crap! Is this supposed to be about female empowerment? Because it sounds more like sexism (or even misogyny).

To make a long story short, I’d like to see a Metroid game that goes back to basics.

8. The Real Castlevania V (3DS)

castlevania 4

After the release of Super Castlevania IV, people were waiting for “Castlevania V”. When the next Castlevania game on the Super Nintendo came out, it was not Castlevania V. In fact, to this day, nothing that can be called Castlevania V has ever been released, which is the subject of this next entry.

Rather than being a step back from Castlevania IV, it should be a step forward. Yes, it should keep everything that made Castlevania IV a classic, but I think it can still be better, with enhanced visuals, and smoother and more fluent gameplay. Also, although I suggested it should be on the 3DS, I think it should avoid the “Metroidvania” formula that has become a cliché in handheld Castlevania games.

Also, it should keep the gothic fantasy style that has been a part of Castlevania since the beginning, because it looks damn good.

7. Ultimate SNES Collection (Any new Nintendo console)

snes games

Ever played Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection? That was so much fun to play, and it brought me to so many Sega Mega Drive games. In short, loved it. What I want to see is a game that’s the same principle, only for SNES games.

Think about it, I a chance for old and new gamers to experience the SNES classics, and other underrated games for the console. Super Mario WorldFinal Fantasy IVMega Man X 1-3Kirby SuperstarEarthbound, the list goes on and on. I think Nintendo should actually make a game like this, whether it be for the 3DS or the Wii U. I don’t care, because I would pay to play loads of SNES games on one disc, all for an efficient price.

If that happened, I’d be in retrogamer heaven.

6. Mega Man 11 (3DS)

mega man 3

There hasn’t been a brand new Mega Man game in three years, and since Keiji Inafune selfishly abandoned the Mega Man series, it’s not likely we’ll see another one.

But you now, Capcom’s so rich, they shouldn’t have to take that crap. Capcom’s in charge of Mega Man now, so they should use their position to give the fans what they want – a brand new Mega Man game.

But not just any old Mega Man game, an ambitious Mega Man game. I want to see this Mega Man game to have the classic Mega Man gameplay, but with a 2.5D look, the ability to make and share your own levels (like in Mega Man Powered Up), and the ability to customize Mega Man with interchangeable parts and special chips which grant various abilities and weapons.

It sounds a bit like the cancelled Mega Man Universe. In fact, that’s where I got the idea for this particular game. I don’t want the Mega Man series to die, because those games actually have some god-damn principles. In order to ensure this, I think that Dr. Wily should not be the main villain here. We need a new villain for the series, and if Capcom would like to hire me to come up with that villain, then I would gladly accept that pay check, and watch as I save the Mega Man franchise.

5. A Final Fantasy game that returns to the old ways (Any major console)

final fantasy 5

You know what, I’m sick and tired of almost every RPG deviating from classic principles. Final Fantasy is the most shameless in this regard. But there’s still room for one Final Fantasy game that actually plays well.

Consider the classic Final Fantasy V as an example. It has an extremely flexible job system, and is probably the best looking game in the series. It uses the Active Time Battle system, has an extensive world map, and is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played.

I do understand that Square Enix is trying to apply similar systems in other games, but it only ever gets confined to spin-offs and/or remakes. I want to see a newmajor Final Fantasy game, on a main console, that uses the principles of Final Fantasy V, and with a creative plot, with the classic art style (NO EMO TEENS WITH SPIKED HAIR! PLEEEEASE!!).

4. Spyro 4 (PS3)


Not Spyro 4

Throughout my high school years, I’ve seen Spyro being reinvented twiceand not once have we seen the return of the classic Spyro. Instead, we have the tacky symbol of unbridled capitalism that is “Skylanders”.

What we need is a fresh new approach to Spyro. We need a fusion of both the classic Spyro, and the Legend of Spyro trilogy. That would mean the open-world nature of the classic Spyro, with the kick-ass action of the Legend of Spyro trilogy.

Also, I liked the Grublins as enemies, and yet they only appear in one game. For me, they could do with more prominence. Besides, we could do with a revamped art style. I’ve always liked Spyro as a character, particularly the Legend of Spyro version. I want both incarnations to come together in a seamless whole.

3. Sonic Adventure 3 (PS3)

sonic adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 is one of my all-time favourite Sonic games, which is why it’s sad that there has been no Sonic Adventure 3.

I would like a Sonic Adventure 3, complete with the classic gameplay, the story system, the emblems, and even the Chao system, but the key differences, would be that it would have contemporary graphics, and a different storyline entirely. I don’t care, as long as it follows the classic example.

2. Crash Bandicoot 4 (PS3)

crash bandicoot 2

For the past 5 years now, it seems as though Crash Bandicoot is dead and buried. Why? Because the last real Crash Bandicoot game flopped, and the company that made the last game went under, and is now owned by Activision.

What I want is a new Crash Bandicoot game that goes back to the roots of the series. 25 crystals, 42 crystals, 5 or more warp rooms, Aku Aku, all that classic stuff. I don’t care what the reviewers say, because I want it, the fans want it, and the world needs it. I don’t think I need to tell you more about what I want in a Crash Bandicoot game.

1. Pokémon Stadium 3 (Wii U)


As I mentioned four months ago, Generation V has had nothing like Pokémon Stadium. For years now, I’ve been waiting for the next Pokémon Stadium to come out. In this regard, I would like a new game like that.

I’d basically like a combination of Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Battle Revolution, complete with customisable trainers, and the ability to select your own Pokémon. To do that, you could either copy from your DS or 3DS Pokémon game, or select from the rental Pokémon. You know what would be cool? If you could alter the moves of a rental Pokémon.

Also, since the clothes your character wears has no bearing on the character itself, all the clothes should be available for free.

The game should be compatible with the latest Pokémon games (which means you might need Pokémon X and Y), and you should also be able to battle other players online. Oh, and NO TRIPLE BATTLES! PLEASE! They are crippled beyond belief.


I think that gamers should have a more involved role in the games industry, because right now, there’s no way to guarantee that we’ll see the games we actually want to play, and not the games the developers think we want.

I’m hoping games like this come up on E3 next month.


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