Why I hate teen sex comedies

american pie

Here we go again. It’s time for another post where I talk about shitty movies, and today, this refers to teen sex comedies. These are comedy films that are primarily targeted towards teenagers (usually male). The plot of these movies typically involve themes like teen angst, coming of age, first love (yeah right), “rebellion”, and premature sexual relationships. Usually, these movies present their subjects in a glossy, stereotypical, and trivialized manner, like in American Pie.

The kind of teen sex comedies I’m focusing on follow these characteristics:

  1. They come from the late 90’s-onward
  2. They’re aimed primarily at teen boys
  3. They deal with their subject manner in a stereotypical way

Why do I hate them? Well, let me start by mentioning how stereotypical they are. They always have a jock, a cheerleader, a nerd, a misfit, a class “hottie”, and a dozen other things. What worse is that these stereotypes have spilled over into the world of television, and now every American TV show that involves high school at some point will use these stereotypes. I’m very certain that they don’t apply in real life.

Anyway, these stereotypes seem extremely outdated, almost as though they came straight from the 50’s. I think we actually want to move on from these stereotypes, but Hollywood keeps pushing them so aggressively that they’ve survived for a few more decades.

I was actually talking about this in college, and one thing that I hate is that teen sex comedies promise more than they actually give. Aside from them not being funny, these movies always offer “sexy” promises. Whenever a teen boy sees this, they’ll instinctively watch them because of it, and I’ve seen enough of them to know that these promises are complete bullshit.

Not to mention, whenever they feature girls, it’s as though they are objectifying them. Which brings me to my last point. I think that these teen sex comedies are contributing the sexualisation of youth. How? Well the plot of the American Pie movies is basically porn. You’d think that’s a good thing but it’s not, because it means that these movies have no artistic merit, and are only designed to stimulate sexual thoughts, and they fail at that too.

I’m pretty sure that most teens can see the line between fantasy and reality, but some teens are so dumb, they’ll probably copy the movies, leading to early and casual sex (and pregnancy if he doesn’t use a condom).

Before you say anything, I have actually seen American Pie. It set the stage for the final degradation of the teen movie genre, primarily because of how immature it is, especially on sex and girls. The characters are so shallow that the movie isn’t even ashamed of it, and the story focuses on nothing but the unrealistic sexual fantasies of its male cast, to the point that it is the basis for the plot, which basically amounts to being nothing but porn.

All I’m really saying is that Hollywood should stop making these movies, and not for any moral reason, but because every one of them perpetuates the same stereotypes, and makes and breaks the same promises. I hope, in reading this, you’ll see why.

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