Why should I save the planet?

earth hour

Will you give me a break?

For those who actually give a damn, Earth Hour is on tonight. Earth Hour is a farcical yearly event aimed at raising awareness of climate change. If you want me to be honest, I’ve had enough of hearing about climate change. I never liked having to care about it, but I’m not a climate skeptic.

I do believe there is scientific evidence to support the theory of global warming, but I also believe that the influence of environmentalism in society has created a grave injustice: innocent people are picking up the tab for something they didn’t do.

When I was a kid, the “save the planet” credo was everywhere. They were trying to install the environmentalist view into my head all through my time in Pembroke Dock. For a time, it worked. I was often consistently scared into caring for the environment. But often, that would slip my mind, and now, I don’t give a damn. Now, I actually hate environmentalism.

Why? It’s just another ideology, except this one goes about demonizing humanity and technology. The environmentalists are perfectly willing to ignore logic and reason, which I find seriously odd considering that global warming is a scientific phenomenon which wouldn’t have been discovered without the rationality or logic that science requires.

Now I should describe the injustice. It is true that the rate in which the planet is warming has increased faster in our time than it ever did. There is evidence to point that it is man-made, but has anyone ever stopped to consider that maybe ordinary people didn’t cause the majority of the pollution? I think most of the environmental damage was done by large corporations. How are they to blame? Well:

  • Their factories were the things spewing those classic black clouds of smoke into air
  • They were the ones dumping toxic waste into the ocean
  • The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 practically speaks for itself
the oil spill

What a mess.

What I’m saying is that corporations are to blame for most of the pollution, and the government has done nothing to stop them. Instead, they seek to solve the problem while absolving the corporations of any responsibility by blaming the rest of us for global warming. Using the power of liberal guilt, they’ve been trying to make us clean up the mess we didn’t make. If you think I’m wrong, I’d like to hear why.

Finally, Earth Hour? I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous. Why would anyone switch off their electrical appliances, and everything entertaining because of the foolish notion that it’s the right thing to do? In fact, the whole thing is just a demonizing of everything good that the Industrial Revolution has brought us. There are many scientific ways to save the planet being contemplated by actual scientific thinkers. Earth Hour is nothing more than a shambolic display of environmental idiocy.

What about the street lights? Are they non-essential? No! They’re there so people can see where they’re going at night (if they plan on having a night out). If we turned off the street lights, criminals would have a better advantage, because there’s no lights around for people to spot them.

In conclusion, I believe that our lifestyles don’t have to be changed so long as they aren’t doing any actual harm to the planet. Why should I obey the cries of a bunch of zombie-brained hippies who do nothing but blame human progress for all our problems. I acknowledge that global warming is a real problem, but it’s not an apocalypse scenario, as the mainstream media has tried so hard to convince us.

No matter how hard people can try and convince me otherwise, I won’t live my life based on whether or not the planet is dying. If I never wanted to care about it in the first place, then I won’t care now. Even if we saved the planet, what difference would it make anyway? We’d just go back to the status quo, and if we came up with a quick fix for global warming, we’d just repeat the same mistakes, and then nobody would have learned anything.


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