Ripping away the school uniform…to free the kids

school uniforms

Onward, the march of conformity

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always hated the notion of having to wear a school uniform. Why? It was essentially telling me what I can and can’t wear. I liked the clothes I had. Hell, if I had grown-up versions of those clothes, I’d wear them in a heartbeat. In this post, I want to tell you why kids shouldn’t be forced to wear them.

Well, first of all, it’s the basic principle that you shouldn’t force kids to do something they don’t like if it won’t do them any good. I hardly see any benefits of imposing a school uniforms. I’ve heard countless arguments of the so-called benefits of school uniforms. Let me list and debunk them:

  • Sense of unity in the school – Unity, but at what cost? They’re essentially treating the kids as though they are just worker bees, or ants. We’re not ants! We have individuality, yet someone thinks that kids don’t!?
  • Prevent the representation of gangs – I’ll be frank. I do believe that gang violence should be dealt with, but school uniforms are not only the wrong way to deal with gang culture, mainly because they don’t work. Certain kids are going to be in gangs somehow, but the kids that do are a small minority.
  • Prevent teasing for clothing style – As sad as it sounds, you can’t prevent people from discriminating each other based on clothes. If it doesn’t happen in schools, it will happen somewhere else. The best way to prevent it is to teach kids the message that discrimination based on clothes is wrong, and if they do, you should punish them, and make sure they don’t do it again.
  • Gives a sense of professionalism – Professionalism? What? Kids are too young to care about professionalism, and yet we want our kids to exude professionalism at a preposterously young age. Ask most kids about professionalism, and they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about.
  • Prevents bullying – Let me tell you right now, that bullying will occur in any school, regardless of whether or not school uniforms are mandatory. If you want to stop bullying, stop the bully. Alternatively, we should actually encourage kids to stand up for themselves, or teach kids that bullying is wrong, and teach them the consequences.

Also, it would be less expensive for parents to use the clothes their kids already have, rather than buying an entire uniform set. Not having a school uniform would also save the school some money, because it wouldn’t have to make the uniforms in the first place.

Besides, I don’t like the whole notion of signing your child’s individuality over to a faceless institution that seeks to control them. Do you really want your kids to be like these?

the delightful children from down the lane

Gah! Toxic politeness levels…too high!

I think I’ve made my point quite clear.

We don’t need school uniforms. I once visited an elementary school in America called Elizabeth G. Lyons School. Did they have school uniforms there? Absolutely not! Why? Because in America they believe in a little something called FREEDOM and INDIVIDUALITY, things that we apparently lack in the UK.

American schools generally don’t enforce school uniforms, and kids over there are doing fine. In the UK, we do, because apparently in the UK, we have no respect for children’s individuality.

Kids don’t like school uniforms. I know I didn’t, and I’m glad I don’t have to wear uniforms in college. If we really care for our children, we would abolish school uniforms. If we don’t, then maybe we don’t really care for children as much as we say. Maybe school uniform advocates and disciplinarians actually hate children.


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