What I learned listening to BBC Radio 1

radio 1

No matter how hard she tries to sell herself, she’s just, really ugly, both physically and in the soul.

In my last years of high school, I knew next to nothing about mainstream culture, and I owe that to the fact that I pretty much shut myself in my world all the time. Considering how bad mainstream music sucks, that’s probably for the best. While I was on the bus, the only music I had was pretty much Radio 1 non-stop, probably because the bus was full of impressionable kids and young teenagers.

Before I came to know real music, I could easily be seduced by the toxic noise perpetuated by Radio 1. Now, however, I’ve learned to religiously avoid mainstream music of the 21st Century. Why? All those bus trips home I spent (reluctantly) listening to BBC Radio 1 taught me a horrible lesson about mainstream music.

Pretty much every song that makes it to the charts is either an electronic, robotic, dance song, a generic, out of touch, racist rap song, or a god-awful pop song made by a pretentious, possibly gay boy band. I absolutely hate these songs, but the reason why they sell so much (which is how they enter the charts to begin with) is because they know how to market themselves. I’m willing to vouch that they focused more on marketing than their actual musical talent.

Now you might be thinking that I just say that because I like classic rock, hard rock, 80’s New Wave and heavy metal in general. If you are, then you might be right, considering that rock/metal fans oppose pop. But I oppose mainstream pop for moral reasons, as I’ve said before.

My big problem is that BBC Radio 1 is some kind of brainwashing station that holds enormous power over youth culture.


Kind of like a certain TV channel.

I swear that the really young only listen to Radio 1 because they’re told to. If I had to listen to any radio station, it would be either BBC Radio 2, or Absolute Radio 80’s.

As my high school years came to a close, I became increasingly more infatuated with 80’s culture, and increasingly tired of current trends. Hence, I began to hate any music that plays on Radio 1 because it mainstream. Call me a contrarian if you want, call me a devil’s advocate if you please. I can take it. I’ve been taking it a lot in recent years.

I just wish we didn’t have to live with this culture of electronic mediocrity. I just wish I had a choice earlier.


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