Me? A Catholic? Hell no.


Thanks, but no thanks.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am a committed atheist. However, my parents are still stuck with the notion that I was supposed to be a Christian (my dad wanted to raise me Catholic). I find that idea both ludicrous and intolerable. Ludicrous because I’m an atheist, and intolerable because it basically says that they didn’t consider allowing me to pick my own faith. I have the feeling that if my parents didn’t try to shove their religion on me, I would have picked a different religion, and had a better opinion of religion.

On Wednesday, my mom told me the reason why she didn’t take me to the Catholic church. Back in the 90’s, when I was very young, there was this family whose kids were out of control, but the priest did nothing about them, because the parents of those kids gave money to him. When I (along with my siblings) did, the priest talked down to her, saying she needs to put us in our place. The hypocrite spoke, and drove her away from his church.

Even if I did have a choice as to what religion I picked, why on Earth would I pick Catholicism? They’re just like Protestants, in that they use fear to make kids believe, they believe in shaming anyone who doesn’t believe, and they oversaw the persecution of freethinkers. Why on Earth would I join a religion responsible for most, if not all of Europe’s medieval wars.

For once, my mom and I actually agree on something involving religion, that Catholicism has no sense of justice. In Catholicism, you can do anything you want, and if you’ve sinned, then as long as you confess in a Catholic church, “God forgives you”. Yes, even if you killed an innocent person, or turned your back against those you loved for money, God has washed your hands of all guilt and moral accountability.

That may sound sweet, but if you look at it closely, it means that evil people don’t have to be punished for their evil deeds as long as they’re Catholic.


All is forgiven, none are punished.

I”m sure my dad wanted me to be a Catholic because from what I can tell, his side of the family has been Catholic for generations, seemingly unaffected by the child abuse revelations of the last decade. But really, am I to believe that I should be a Catholic just because it’s in the family?

What really disgusts me, is the fact that my parents baptized me before I even had a say in it, and in 2010, my sister followed the same route, by christening her son Aiden, while he’s too young to oppose it.

If you ask me, parents should stop choosing faiths for their kids, and allow them to pick their own religion. This is the 21st century, so kids should be allowed to make their own decisions on things that aren’t a matter of life or death. Besides, kids are going to go against their parents’ belief systems, as I have.


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