Our overblown obsession with sex comes from centuries of repression

obsession with sexuality

Since the beginnings of the Sexual Revolution, our obsession with sex has exploded to unnatural levels. As a species, we are now lusting after increasingly more hardcore images in a society where sexual imagery has become all too common. Worse still, sexual imagery is also being delivered subliminally via the mainstream media, and it’s spreading to our children.

But don’t let the Christians, feminists, and politicians convince you into believing this is the porn industry’s fault. It’s a lie they use to deny people responsibility, and their sense of self-control. If you want the real reason for this happening, you simply have to remember the classic psychological quirk, that repression leads to obsession. In this case, centuries of sexual repression will inevitably blow up into a hyper-obsession.

What exactly am I talking about? I’m talking about the centuries in which religion has repressed our healthy sexual urges. In particular, repression that was administered by Christianity.

I want to make one thing clear. I do not hate Christians themselves. In fact, I’m pretty sure that most Christians may actually be nice people. Whenever I criticize Christianity, or any religion, as I am doing now, I criticize it as an institutionalized faith, not as a spiritual belief system.

Anyhow, in ancient times, sex and sexuality was seen as a normal part of life. In some societies, fertile women were exalted (though virgins were also prized in some societies). However, the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) were sexually repressive, advocated celibacy, forbade homosexuality, and were patriarchal. Other religions had a similar philosophy, but Christianity actively sought to supplant the religions of other countries.

When the Catholic Church took over Europe, all the sexual freedom they had was vanquished in favour of an authoritarian system, where sexuality has become a taboo, where women no longer held any power or value. Truly, it was a sad, sad time.


Thanks a lot, Charlemagne.

What I’m trying to say is that the reason we have such an overblown obsession with sex is because the Church has been repressing it for over a thousand years.

It’s not exactly hard to come to that conclusion. The priests carry out their duties whilst enslaved to the doctrine of celibacy, where priests cannot marry a woman. Recent history has shown that this was a fatal mistake. Whenever a man is deprived of sex, he either turns to pornography, or worse, develops a depraved lust for young boys.

Because of this, the “rise of the pedophiles” is the result of sexual repression, which led to a bottled up obsession, and secret feelings of guilt and anxiety, which led to isolation from society. People turn into weird, depraved freaks when isolated from the rest of society, and this exact same psychology was prevalent within the priests accused of child abuse over the past decade.

Ever wondered why girls are now slowly trying to get the upper hand over men, trying to tie them down? The answer is simple. The sexual repression of the Dark Ages also brought with it a patriarchal society. Sexual repression also has the effect of subjugating women, due to the men in charge of patriarchal societies fearing the sexual power of women. In this case, the men think lowly of women who elicit sexual responses from them that would make them feel guilty. In the viewpoint of those men, they are defending themselves from perceived psychological attacks.

The women you see in the media are trying to be just like men because women were repressed by powerful men who feared the power of their sexuality. However, as a consequence, women in the media are often portrayed as just as insecure, self-absorbed, and controlling as the patriarchs of the old days.

I would also like to turn your attention to the efforts of American Christians to keep teens from having premarital sex.

purity ring

What a bunch of crap!

Some Christian groups in America have, in the past, tried to suppress the growing trend of premarital sex (which is perfectly natural considering the fact that marriage isn’t), and they are still trying to this day. I should say this right now, stopping premarital sex is a bad idea, because societies that prohibit premarital sex tend to have higher rates of violent crime, and any form of sexual repression in general is likely to increase the rates of rape, incest, child abuse, homicide, and even suicide.

In conclusion, if you want to figure out why we’re so overly obsessed with sex nowadays, you should blame the Church for constantly repressing our natural sexual urges for a thousand years. If we want to stop pedophilia, and if we want to stop sexual abuse, and if we want to end misogyny, we should end the sexual taboo. We should end the sexual repression, and finally loosen up. After that, our obsession with sex should go back down to its natural level.

Hell, if we end the sexual repression, maybe crime will go down, rape rates will go down, and if priests can marry women, then that will put an end to all the abuse in church. It’s the 21st Century, so now is the perfect time to end the repression.


One thought on “Our overblown obsession with sex comes from centuries of repression

  1. Good luck getting any fo this rational ‘bizness’ to actually fly with all the moronics that are so resistance to favorable change in the world –even when its quite obvious that ‘vilifying’ something or things ….only makes criminals of us all.

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