Here’s a good post by Matt Husselbury. Take as a guide for what games to keep away from your PS2 collection.

Our Humble Opinions

So…I’m going to take a break from my Zelda based love affair of the last few weeks (because I’m writing a GHoF about it). But any way this week I’m going to do a top 5. I’m going to do my top 5 awful games that I happen to own on the PS2 for no apparent reason (yup, I’m actually naming the blog that). This introduction isn’t long enough yet, so I’ll set the scene. Basically I own a stupid amount of PS2 games (it’s getting close to 100 nowadays but I haven’t counted in awhile). Basically if I see a PS2 game in a shop that’s below £3 I’m going to buy it. If the box art looks horrible I’m even more likely to pick it up. Following this model I’ve collected some of the worst games to grace Sony’s juggernaut of aconsole. Shall we begin?

5: Robin Hoods…

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