The wonders of the middle ground

middle ground

A visual representation.

I don’t really take sides when it comes to religion or politics. As I said in December, I have the view that no particular side is ever really right. This particular view is called neutrality. Neutrality is apolitical, irreligious, and impartial. That is why I believe that you can only truly discern right and wrong if you are neutral.


Put it this way. Loyalty to a certain side or faction can cloud your judgment, and interfere with the intellectual pursuit of truth. What if the truth does not conform to your beliefs? What if the truth opposes your beliefs? What if the truth disproves or shatters your beliefs? What will you do then?

There are those who are open-minded, and adapt when their beliefs are challenged. There are those who know the truth, but believe anyway because they feel it’s right for them. There are some people who are so closed-minded, they are willing to suppress logic and reason in order for their beliefs to be superior, because those people believe that life is a fictitious war of beliefs. The closed-minded ones are always the ones in power, because their beliefs are nothing more than caricatures of beliefs.

Another good thing about neutrality is that you don’t have to conform to an arbitrary set of ideological rules that restrict what you do. You don’t have to have the feeling that you’re “betraying your ideology”. Ideology? More like a team in a fictitious “game” to be “won”.

By being neutral, you’re actually being more of a rebel than you would be if you simply joined whatever ideology opposes the dominant ideology. Neutrality has no rules other than what you make for yourself, and so it is wholly customizable. Besides, most normal people can be classified as “neutral” anyway, because they don’t really care about all the political crap, because it’s not relevant to them, nor me.

I describe myself as strongly neutral because I resist every political “promise”. I have absolutely no faith in any politics or religion, and it’s a good thing. Imagine a state of mind where you’re not constrained based on such useless things as ideology. That would be awesome.

In conclusion, I’m neutral because I believe that it is the only school of thought with a genuine sense of free thought. Besides, after years of failed promises made by liberals, and given that I don’t like any of those artsy, existentialist philosophies, neutrality is the only choice I’m willing to make.


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