Gay rights and gay jokes should co-exist

gay marriage

I now pronounce you…

In all the time the site was run, I never even touched the issue of homosexuality. I’m going to use this to present a less than mainstream version of the mainstream opinion.

Gay rights are overwhelmingly popular. Thanks to media, you’d have to be a monster to oppose gay marriage. I do agree that gays should be allowed to get married, but it’s more to do with common sense than anything else (e.g. “Of course gays should get married”). I really don’t care whether or not gays do get married, but I feel people should be allowed to make gay jokes.

You know what I mean. In today’s PC age, you can’t say anything that could risk offence. It’s not really a law, it’s just one of those unwritten cultural rules that people can pass off as common sense. What’s wrong with gay jokes? They’re funny! They’re not meant to be bigoted in any way. In fact, the way I see it, if you try and censor someone for making gay jokes, then you’re being bigoted yourself.

Before you ask, I do make abstract gay jokes at home, or sometimes in college, and I get away with it all the time. I don’t get somebody walking and saying “you’re bigoted”, probably because in real life, people don’t care about offending other people, let alone gays.

I certainly don’t care about offending other people, because why the hell should I constantly feel guilty about what I say under the delusion that everyone is listening, and anybody can be offended? If someone does want me to stop making gay jokes, maybe it’s a sign that he or she are insecure about his or her own sexuality.

The point is, I do believe that gays should have equal rights, but not at the cost of not being able to make gay jokes. To make one thing clear, I have nothing against homosexuals. I just don’t think anyone should receive “special protection” from what are ultimately harmless jokes.


One thought on “Gay rights and gay jokes should co-exist

  1. I entirely agree with that…I do respect gay marriages since they don’t kiss in front of me or something loooool, but if they are gay, whatever…Anyway, I also like to make gay jokes and I bet they make heterosexual jokes too ==’

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