Deconstructing feminist arguments


I’m getting pretty tired of that.

If there’s one group whose comments I’m sick of hearing, it’s the feminists. Almost every feminist that’s shown on the media is practically an ugly, man-hating lesbian who’s jealous of all the good-looking ladies who get more respect than them. Even the ones that don’t somehow manage to be completely illogical.

With all seriousness, feminism is the belief that restrictions on women and girls should be removed in order to bring harmony and equality to the sexes. Now, I believe in equality, but I don’t believe that it should be forced. In fact, the feminists we’re familiar with actually want to make it so that women have more privileges than men, which is not what most feminists believe anyway.

I’m here because I want to take some of the common feminist arguments, and rip them apart, and tell you why they’re nonsense.

Argument 1: “The sex industry objectifies and exploits women”

This is obviously a false statement to make. Why? Consider this; if a porn actress actively appears in porn, and continues to do so, then she must have chosen to do this, and is enjoying her work. It’s the same with strippers. If a women is making money, and likes talking to the men who pay her, it’s obvious that most strippers are enjoying their work, and are not being exploited. It’s only the ones that have pimps that are exploited.

If porn stars and strippers were being exploited, then they would have come out with the police by now. Why do feminists and female politicians try to ban porn? Simple. Because their jealous of the porn stars because they didn’t get laid when they were still young, like many other women might have done. I have a feeling that if they did make it with a boy, they wouldn’t be complaining.

Argument 2: “Men are always violent, and women are always good”

This argument is wrong because it’s a stereotype, and it amounts to gender bias, which is a form of sexism, which feminists claim to be fighting.

Men aren’t always violent. In fact, many men, including myself, are actually non-violent. We get angry, and so do women, but we don’t usually take it out on women. We vent it somewhere else, hopefully where it won’t have any long-term consequences.

Women like to pass off the image that they’re always good and innocent, but men everywhere know that it’s not true. Women are capable of cheating just as much as men are, and some women even try withholding sex if a man doesn’t act the she wants her to. Some girls are outright brats. I’m sure there were plenty of girls who acted like brats during my childhood, and the situation probably hasn’t changed.

To say that all men are bad, and all women are good is outright sexist. Moreover, it’s a backwards version of the sexism that used to be subjected to women. It’s all part of the feminist agenda.

Argument 3: “The patriarchy is responsible for oppressing women”

“The patriarchy” is simply a buzz word used by feminists to blacken the image of the male gender. Patriarchy doesn’t oppress women, people do.

Let’s face it, in Western society, very few people want to actively oppress women, because they know that it will hinder their chances of getting laid. The only societies that seek to actively control women are the poor Islamic countries in the Middle East.

Feminists use this to add rhetoric to cause, and if anyone criticizes their arguments, as I am bravely doing right now, then they will automatically paint you as a “misogynist” in order to silence you.




Feminists have gotten very far in their quest for female dominance. They’ve entered mainstream acceptance, they have the media on their side, and they now have the power to quash logic and reason if they stand in the way. Feminism has become a religion of the false idea of “female innocence” and “male evil”, and if something is not done, then they will succeed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of intelligent thinkers who stand in the way, and plenty of men willing to fight anti-male rhetoric. The sooner we end the notion of a “battle of the sexes”, the sooner we’ll achieve real equality.


5 thoughts on “Deconstructing feminist arguments

  1. I agree with you a lot on this, I would only add, that to me it seems a lot of feminism is really just liberalism in disguise. The arguments all lead to the same conclusion: that society needs to be re-educated to meet the approval of ‘the anointed’. A lot of the elements that make up that ‘re-education’ fall in line with liberal beliefs.

    The big difference is that if the argument is about liberalism, you can quickly challenge it with an established array of arguments. But if the argument is about feminism, it’s much harder to challenge, because as of right now, dissent is by default is seen as representing the extreme opposite view point. This would be much like disagreeing with someone about liberalism, and immediately be labeled as a facist.

    Obviously in that example, it would be easy to challenge that blatant false dichotomy, but in dealing with feminism, it is much harder because of the examples you describe above.

  2. I desagree completely with you and not because I’m woman, but because you’re a man and you have any right to say such things. Like women, there are who are also “manist” o.O everything you wrote is pathetic, seriously…not every feminist woman is ugly or lesbian =_=” you’re just one more man who don’t want women to be in a high position,

    • I don’t think you got it. I only described the feminists “shown on the media”. I’m aware that not all feminists are like this, and I have said that most feminists aren’t extremely misandric (man-hating), and I don’t care if a woman is in a high position (unless she didn’t deserve it). What I’m saying is that the media shows the worst examples of these people, and people expect us to support them.

      • You also have nothing to back up your… opinions here. How simple of an explanation about pornography. It doesn’t harm? Yea. Keep lying to yourself! I hope you’ll humor me enough to do a search on how porn harms. You said these “strippers” and women in porn would be stepping out — yea. They are! So are MALE pornographers. Go look up Donny Pauling (read his blog and THEN say porn doesn’t harm. Seriously, the stories there alone will break a person down). Look up Shelley Luben — used to be in porn. These people are standing out. Did you not know human trafficking existed? Which means that women are sometimes FORCED into it? Yes, some women respect their bodies so little that they don’t care to stop, but I can promise you, there is no happiness in any of them who are in it. Promise. Promise. Promise. Please, do research before you spread things like this. Whatever you think about feminists is nothing to me, but the topic of pornography is something you clearly no absolutely nothing about. If you care to actually learn though, you’d speak to someone who’s been there or at the least read about it.

      • Clearly you don’t respect the fact that this is an OPINION site. Besides, most of the time, the women do want to be in porn. It’s not something that needs research to figure out. I am aware that human trafficking exists, but I also know that it isn’t painfully common. Maybe you should use your head rather than trying to make me feel guilty for what I say. Maybe you should also consider the women who actually feel empowered by showing their bodies (such women do exist).

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