Why we should abolish homework


An accurate depiction of homework.

When I was a kid, I hated homework with a passion, and I still do to this day, and would do anything to avoid it. What is it? Homework is any school work that a teacher forces you to do at home. Ladies and gentlemen, this amounts to nothing more than slavery.

The notion that homework is slavery is not an unfounded one. In fact, the reason for it being true is obvious: you’re effectively forcing work on kids who have no power or reason to fight back.

But I think I am right to oppose homework, for a number of other reasons. Firstly, I want to say that in all my years of education, homework has done nothing to get me more into my schoolwork. In fact, all it’s done is made me hate my work. That’s the first problem with homework, it makes children feel like they’re in a cubicle, it puts more pressure on them than they need.

Secondly, kids want to play. I think adults can’t see that children are far more interested playing and socializing than learning about all sorts of crap they aren’t ever going to use unless it’s part of their career. Kids can’t really be bothered with homework unless they haven’t got a life (the odds if which are severely low).

Thirdly, a vast majority of homework given to kids is the exact same work they were already doing in school. In effect, this recreates the painful feeling of being in class, where you would have been the morning before. Newsflash, kids don’t like that feeling, and neither did I.

Fourthly, I think that it allows teachers to assert an unearned position of power over the children, by threatening them with detention (or as I like to call it, political imprisonment) if they don’t comply. In this regard, keeping homework around allows the adults make slaves out of the children.


Because sometimes, a fascist dictatorship isn’t enough for Supernanny.

Parents and teachers can try and rationalize the issuing of homework all they want, but they can’t run forever. Eventually, they’ll come to accept that homework is outdated and useless, and hurts children rather than helping them. Eventually, the kids will realize this too, and demand that this be stopped.

If we really are doing things in the interest of securing our children’s futures, then we should abolish homework, because it does nothing but destroy the motivation to learn. It serves no purpose, adds nothing to achievement, and only confirms the notion that teachers treat their students like second-class citizens.


3 thoughts on “Why we should abolish homework

  1. I like the way that my high school did it. They lecture for like 20 minutes, then the kids do their homework for the rest of class, with lots of time to spare. That way the kids don’t have to do shit at home. Because, really, no high school student is going to actually do homework at home.

  2. wtf…homeworks are really useful. They are used to train what we had at school O.o’ I’m in high school and I confess that most of times I don’t like doing it, but I know that it is useful and I train a lot with them.

    • I think you missed the point. The whole point of this post is that if you don’t like something, you shouldn’t have to stand for it. The site itself is about my opinions anyway, and I certainly didn’t feel that way. I’ve always viewed homework as nothing more than tedious, and I still do.

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