Our dependence on ideology

Have you ever noticed how, regardless of political ideology, politicians from all around the world seem to constantly repeat the mistakes of the past? This is probably proof that ideology doesn’t matter once you’re in power. However, an ideology can become dominant in a society. What happens then is that it becomes a part of our cultural values.

For centuries, conservatism was the domination political ideology of the day, and history has shown what that has led to. The church persecuted every other religion, fascist leaders engaged in genocide, corruption was allowed to fester, and the fear of God had pretty much altered human nature. Everyone who wasn’t a Christian, white male was treated as a second-class citizen, big corporations had absolute freedom to do as they pleased, and the environment took a serious beating. With conservatism as the dominant ideology, society pretty much looked like this:


A microcosm of Hell.

It’s only been a few decades since liberalism became the dominant ideology of our time, and we’ve already seen the sad consequences. Freedom is being curtailed in the name of political correctness, we’re forced to pick up the environmental mess caused by corporate waste dumping, and we can’t compliment a pretty girl without it being misconstrued as perversion, harassment, or misogyny. Now, we’re actively destroying any tradition that isn’t “ethnic”, and speaking of ethnic, society is being more open-minded about other cultures, while shunning its own culture, and we’re now obsessed with collective responsibility. With liberalism as the dominant ideology, society now looks like this:

jersey shore


With that in mind, I believe that society is so dependent on ideology that it hasn’t even considered the possibility of rejecting both ideologies entirely. Why is that good? Because liberalism and conservatism are nothing more than two extremes.

  • With liberalism, society is a bunch of wimps who are always watching their tongue, hoping not to offend anyone.
  • Conservatism is the other extreme, where society imposes outdated dogma upon others, and treats everyone like crap.

Maybe we should just stick to having a middle ground, because it’s obvious that relying on one of two extremes is not working. In fact, most people don’t even care for either extreme. They just want to live their lives without having to care for whose beliefs are right or wrong.

Without power, ideologies are harmless sets of beliefs. When they are in power, and imposed on the masses, as during today, they’re flimsy pretexts for the rape of freedom, just like religion. The problem is that in a democracy, this cycle is going to continue until mankind collapses, unless we do something. But what?


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