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I’ve ranted on several occasions about the many flaws of popular culture today, including the pop world. But I want to talk about my favouritism towards the 80’s, but I want to tell you why I prefer the 80’s to my own time. There are a number of reasons as to why, so I’ll divide this post into specific aspects of the 80’s.

Album covers

What I like about album covers in the 80’s is that they are far more artistic than than the album covers of today. In order for me to prove my point, I’d like to show you a few album covers from the 80’s…

…and now, let me show you a few from the 2010’s.

As you can see, the album covers from the 2010’s (Olly Murs, Will.i.am, etc.) are horribly uncreative. All they do is cheaply use photographs and then edit them later. In the 80’s, however, album covers were far more creative. Yes, there were some that used photos, but the album designers actually put some thought into the cover design, much like in the two decades before.

If any of you of fans of Olly Murs, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Will.i.am, Ne-Yo, or The Soldiers, this was not meant to offend you. I was just criticizing the album covers for their lack of creative design. If you’re mad, take your rage somewhere else, as I don’t appreciate trolling.


As I’ve mentioned before, the 80’s was a far superior time for music. Whereas now the most popular songs come from untalented hacks like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé (etc), the most popular songs of the 80’s came from genuine artists like Howard Jones, Michael Jackson, and Queen (etc).

Other songs that grew to popularity include “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie, “Gold” by Spandau Ballet, and “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister.

Speaking of Twisted Sister, the 80’s was also a fantastic decade for the heavy metal genre. It saw the birth of iconic thrash metal bands like Metallica and Megadeth, and power metal bands like Dio and Manowar.


The 80’s was also home to classic movies like Die HardBill and Ted’s Excellent AdventureScarfaceCommandoRamboFull Metal Jacket and RoboCop, all of which have become ingrained into popular culture.

What have we got now? Michael Bay’s Transformers, and several other rom-coms, and cliche gritty remakes. We have an awfully awful remake culture, while the 80’s was pumping out original ideas.

Gaming culture

Right now, games are more focused on graphics than the actual story or gameplay for that matter. Back in the 80’s, pretty much every console game had the same 8-bit graphics, and Nintendo absolutely dominated the scene, and every game on the NES had to be kid-friendly, but believe it or not, those were better times. Why?

  1. Games were more creative
  2. It shows that developers were able to make do with what they had
  3. Music in games was better
  4. The enforced censorship gave developers something to try and outsmart

The only problem I have with gaming culture in the 80’s is that game companies could easily scam kids out of a possible $40. But beyond that, there was a whole world of gaming culture and hardware that I’ve been exploring for years.

TV shows

Honestly, I can’t judge TV shows of the 80’s an awful lot, since I haven’t watched many shows from the 80’s. If you know of any good 80’s TV shows to watch, let me know in the comments section (also tell me where to find them if possible).

But I already get the feeling that TV shows in the 80’s, no matter what the genre, seemed to have more heart, where nowadays TV shows are completely soulless in nature.

The 80’s can also be credited with being the decade when MTV was born. Sure, now they’re the big heartless corporation that’s corrupting our youth, but back in the 80’s, they played genuinely good music, and contributed the popularity of Dio, Twisted Sister, and several other artists that are well remembered. Also, back then, MTV seemed like it was rebelling against the norm, but now, it is the norm (or at least it was that way in the 90’s).

I haven’t forgotten about the cheesy moral messages of the 80’s, but I’m almost certain that most people ignored them.

Society in general

Back in the 80’s, a society where you had to be politically correct was inconceivable, but look at society now. Now you can’t so much as compliment a girl’s good looks without it being mistaken as perversion, harassment, or “misogyny”. Society claims to support equality, while simultaneously committing character assassination against anyone who is a white male.

Back in the 80’s, nobody judged you for what you ate, and fast food didn’t become a boogeyman for our kids. Nowadays, everywhere I look, the fast food industry is being persecuted purely for ideological purposes, and the people who are doing this are celebrated as heroes.

I’ll admit one thing, society in the 80’s was biased against drugs, but it least it gave certain people a cause (the pro-drug cause for some people).

The flaws of the 80’s

Okay, I’ll go ahead and admit that the 80’s wasn’t perfect. Here are the problems with 80’s society:

  • The “Just Say No” Campaign
  • The Reagan years
  • Corporate greed was left unpunished
  • The Fairness Doctrine was killed
  • The abundance of obsessive merchandising
  • Parents wouldn’t stop complaining
  • The abundance of Saturday morning cartoons based on toys


The 80’s weren’t better, but they’re certainly a damn shot better than our lousy time. Hopefully you understand see why. It’s either that, or I don’t like the norms of our society, and look the culture of the past as a means of escaping today’s culture.


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