Why I despise Fox News

fox news

You’re probably thinking, how is this relevant to the UK? Simple. Fox News is available on Sky (channel 509). I’m more shocked that people are unaware, and that Ofcom hasn’t wised up to Fox News’ blatant bias.

Anyhow, when I was 16, I wanted to look for a channel that was completely American. Complete with American personalities and American ads (which I couldn’t find). Eventually, I tuned out of Fox News, primarily because I had no idea what they were talking about, until I did some research, and found out that Fox News is biased to the right, and that its reporters personally try and take down anyone who opposes the Republican agenda.

I felt like it was a massive con. The only all-American channel I can find on Sky is apparently the most evil news outlet there is. I ended up becoming obsessed with media bias, to the point that I based my second art project in sixth form on the issue of bias in Fox News. I named it “The False News Channel Project”.

In 2011, I periodically put Fox News on so I could personally investigate right wing bias myself. I did just that during my trip to New York (taking full advantage of the fact that we were out most of the time). What I found was less than rosy. I found that Fox commentators were vilifying British union protesters and calling Israel the most peaceful and democratic part of the Middle East (when Jerusalem is riddled with sectarian violence).

Back then, I hated Fox News because they were supporting the things I came to passionately oppose:

  • Censorship
  • Corporate greed
  • Monopolies
  • Fundamentalist Christianity
  • Republican dominance
  • Invasions of foreign countries
  • Media bias

As I grew older, my opinions matured, but I still passionately Fox News, for all the same reasons. They’re an evil media corporation that seeks to brainwash its viewers with right-wing propaganda, and it doesn’t respect the people’s right to make up their own minds.

But now, I realize, that there’s an even bigger reason to hate Fox News. It almost gave me a negative view of America. It almost made me forget how much more wonderful America is beyond the political rhetoric, probably because I was an overly naive teenager with too much of a concern for the world at large.

However, my raw dripping negativity towards Fox News remains, just that it isn’t guided by a liberal’s sense of outrage. It’s guided mainly by Fox News’ objective track record of grievous crimes against journalism.

I don’t really look for more recent examples of bias in Fox News because I know that it will all be the same, even if Glenn Beck (who I despise with a passion) is no longer a part of it. I don’t need to be told that Fox News is evil, I know it is. I’ve seen it for myself, and decided for myself that it was.


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