The culture of fame (or infamy)

Have you ever heard of people who have no talent, no real accomplishments, and no value in society at all who just suddenly get famous? These people end up appearing in magazines, on the front page of tabloids, and often get some spotlight on TV. Does this sound familiar? This happens a lot in our celebrity-centered culture. Hell, it’s gotten so big, that these two idiots can be famous.

how to be famous

I move that all copies of this book be burned.

In today’s society, anyone can become famous for no apparent reason. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (as shown on the example picture) were both actors of the MTV show The Hills. They became the center of tabloid attention, I heard, after a sex tape was released to the press.

If this is how people become famous, then I really have a serious moral problem with celebrity culture, because it exalts stupid, sex-crazed idiots who do nothing for society, while ignoring genuinely talented role models, and people who contribute to society for the better. Not to mention that the book only “teaches” who to be a “tabloid fixture”, and how to look like Snoop Dog’s wet dream. Other than that, it does pretty much nothing other than offer a glimpse into how shameful tabloid culture is.

That’s not the only problem with the mainstream media. It arbitrarily reports “missing persons” cases involving missing white girls with extreme hyperbole, based on nothing but pure sex. This is those in the journalism business refer to as “missing white woman syndrome”, where the media focuses on missing “affluent white woman”, painting them as “damsels in distress”, while painting the abductors/killers like the stars of horror movies. Speaking of that, the media also has a nasty habit of making abductors, rapists, drug smugglers, murderers, and even pedophiles into complete celebrities (or, in this case, targets of hatred from the masses) as soon as they’re reported on the news.

Before anyone gets attention from the media, they’re just ordinary people, with ordinary demons. Then the media gets a hold of their stories, and their personalities become exaggerated. The nicer ones of us get treated as “heroes”, even if they’ve never saved a life. The sex-crazed nobodies who did nothing at all get attention solely because it may as well be pornography. The scum of society, however, don’t even get left alone by the media, even after tragic incidents have been resolved. Rather than letting the local authorities contain the scum of society quietly, the tabloids overblow these incidents with so much hyperbole, that each time, they make it sound like it’s not just another murder, when it really is just another murder.

In the UK, we had a rather unfortunate incident involving The Wright Stuff host, Matthew Wright, who joked about a particular murder (which I won’t name), complete with a Scottish impersonation of Taggart. The media made such a fuss about it, that when Wright “apologized”, he told those that complained to Ofcom to “grow up”. Strangely, I actually agree with what Wright said. Why? I didn’t like the joke, nor do I watch his show, but I believe he should have the right to free speech, as everyone should.

The fact that we make such a big deal out of “offensive remarks” which are so obviously jokes, I believe, says something awful about the UK. It says to me that Britain does not believe in free speech. Britain apparently doesn’t care about our free speech being suppressed as long as everybody’s being nice to each other and nobody’s offended.

Well, I think I went off topic for a brief moment, but I think I made my point. We shouldn’t defend a culture that turns scum into stars. We shouldn’t defend a culture that just looks aimlessly for stories that sell papers. With decades of us being saturated with this, I’d have thought we got sick of it. But apparently, sex and violence sell like hot cakes. That maybe someone else’s cup of tea, but not mine.


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