The 5 worst Simpsons characters

I already made a post about how the Simpsons should have ended its run years ago, but I want to express my opinion on the absolute worst characters. These are the characters who are the most painful to watch (at least in newer episodes). I’ll try as best as I can to cite examples of how bad they are. Being that there are so many of them, I’ve narrowed it down to five, and in no particular order. I must warn you, this is going to be a long post.

1. Marge Simpson

marge simpson

*clicks shotgun*

This list is in no particular order, but I feel she’s definitely the absolute worst in the whole cast. Firstly, her voice is terrible. It sounds like an octopus with lung cancer, and it’s gotten worse over the years. Now it sounds like an old aged octopus dying of lung cancer. But that’s the least of my problems. I’ve heard she’s the “level-headed one in all the madness”. Frankly, I think she’s a bigger cause of the madness than Homer. She’s extremely jealous of other women (like when she thought Homer was cheating on her in Colonel Homer), she likes everything bland and harmless (especially in the side-plot of Maximum Homerdrive), and she’s a complete hypocrite. Countless times she’s spoken in opposition towards sex and porn, yet she’s been willingly riding her status as the show’s sex symbol, not just within the show (as seen in Large Marge and The Devil Wears Nada), but as a victim of the infamous Rule 34 (appearing to pose nude on the front cover of Playboy in 2009, and dozens of suggestive fan art of her exist online, dare you look). She’s also overly moralizing, and yet she has been shown to be a supporter of the Democrats. This proves that liberals are no different to conservatives, fictional or not. Long story short, she is very overrated, much like the next character I’m about to make mention of.

2. Lisa Simpson

lisa simpson

Oh grow up!

Basically, she’s the overachieving daughter of the Simpson family. I can look past her being a vegetarian and a Buddhist (though this does make her look like a Hollywood liberal). What I can’t stand is her textbook moralizing (as seen in countless episodes in Season 2), especially now that she’s developed a textbook liberal agenda. She’s also an extreme hypocrite. She claims to oppose the trashy pop culture of today, yet she was apparently willing to work with Lady Gaga (in Lisa Goes Gaga), and she was willing to sell herself out in the Kesha Party Anthem opening (from To Surveil With Love). She’s also a complete elitist, because she looks down on those who aren’t intellectual (as seen in later seasons), and she compartmentalizes everything into “logic” or “numbers” or “reality” (as seen in MoneyBART). She may as well be Richard Dawkins’ daughter, especially as she likes to have the “moral high ground” over Bart (as seen in War or the Simpsons).

3. Sideshow Mel

sideshow mel

What a bonehead, literally!

He can be funny in some episodes, but he’s just a side character, an annoying one in fact. My first problem is his blatantly ridiculous design (he has mint green hair with a bone through it). Also, he’s a lousy replacement for the highly classy Sideshow Bob, who, as we all remember, went crazy and framed Krusty the Clown for armed robbery in Krusty Gets Busted. My main problem is that he always talks like a Shakespearean actor with ridiculously high class, even when it’s not appropriate. I don’t need to tell you of any examples.

4. Mr. Burns

charles montgomery burns

Pictured: A tired villain

Granted, there have been many funny moments involving him, but it’s his core personality that I don’t like. He’s basically a millionaire tyrant who won’t even spend a small amount of money on improvements to his power plant, but is perfectly fine with frivolous spending. He’s also horrifically out of touch with modern society (as seen in many episodes). I hate his personality because it’s a stereotype of corporate bosses, made by ostensibly liberal writers. I hate corporate bosses with a passion, but stereotypes are the wrong way to do it, especially in a family friendly show that isn’t really willing to take his immoral character further.

5. Helen Lovejoy

helen lovejoy

Can we ever not think of the children?

You know how Helen Lovejoy is. She’s Reverend Lovejoy’s gossiping wife who hangs out with the hypocrite Marge Simpson. We all remember her “think of the children” catchphrase, but it might actually be funny (especially when Moe said it in Margie, May I Sleep With Danger?), but I hate her because she loves to gossip, and ruin other women’s lives because she’s jealous. For me, she’s just a way of continuing the toxic stereotype that all women gossip behind people’s backs. Added to that, she supports the Republicans (as revealed in E Pluribus Wiggum), whom I passionately hate anyway.

Well, that was long and exhausting. Given the amount of content, I’d say that I hate Marge the most. I already made my position on the Simpsons, and I must say, these characters have not gotten better in the newer seasons. Well, that was long, but it only took about an hour to write.


15 thoughts on “The 5 worst Simpsons characters

  1. Lindsay Nagle is so annoying and pointless, I groan every time she appears on screen. Mr Burns used to be one of my favourite chararcters, the fact that he is so hopelessly out of date and his complete lack of empathy for the working class made him funny, but as the show went downhill the writers turned him into a boring stereotype.
    Lisa takes the cake as far as annoying characters go; so preachy and moralistic, also petty and selfish with no ability to see things for other people’s point of view. As she has shown in several episodes when anyone threatens her superiority (Bart, Maggie, the smarter diorama-girl) she can become extremely vindictive (bordering on psychotic) to the point where she has even endangered family members on occasion.

  2. I agree with most of your argument but, the show is made for satirical, yet comic, OPINIONS. It’s their point of view, however I couldn’t agree more with some dumb things that the show has. All those self righteous characters are annoying sometimes.

  3. Lisa’s character is becoming annoying due to the writers who decided to push their liberal agenda down people’s throats, I used to like her but now I don’t. Mr. Burns is hilarious and I can’t imagine the show without him after Harry Shearer’s departure from The Simpsons.

    Characters I really hate are:

    Lenny and Carl (Please kill them!)
    Mayor Quimby (His voice sucks)
    Snake Jailbird
    Rev. Lovejoy and his wife Helen
    Martin Prince
    The Simpsons’s dog

    My favorites:

    Chief Wiggum
    Abe Simpson

  4. Oh please. The VAST majority of the show’s plots involved Homer or Bart. Both of those characters super stereotypical and boring. Marge and Lisa are more multidimensional, but unfortunately they are not in as many plot twists.

    • Only in the earlier seasons did the shows revolve around Homer and Bart. As the show progressed the writers for some inexplicable reason decided to centre almost every episode on the damp squib duo (Marge and Lisa).

  5. Im glad I’m not the only one who hates Marge. I have watched almost every episode, and I only remember a few times in the entire series where she does something funny. Besides her annoying voice, and her ugly hair, she believes all of the problems in her marriage are Homer’s fault, even though she causes most of the problems.She always wants to control what the family does with their money, even though Homer made 100% of it. I wish Homer just dumped her and married Mindy or whatever her name was from “The Last Temptation of Homer”

    Lisa is kind of annoying how she was pissed at everyone for eating meat, but she quickly learned that it was none of her business.

    Helen Lovejoy is annoying because of her gossiping, and being so moral all of the time.

    I don’t mind Sideshow Mel, and I like Mr. Burns as a character, but if he was a real person I would hate him.

    In my opinion the worst characters are:
    1. Marge
    2. Maude Flanders (WAAAAAAAAAAAY behind Marge)
    3. Ned Flanders
    4. Luann Van Houten
    5. Rod&Todd
    (Skinner and his mom, Smithers, Dr. Monroe and Rev. Lovejoy also are annoying)

    The best characters are:
    1. Homer
    2. Bart
    3. Apu
    4. Chief Wiggum
    5. Nelson
    (I also like Dr. Hibbert, Moe, Lenny&Carl, and Ralph)

  6. My Opinion
    1 – Marge, Marge and than Marge, also don’t forget Marge
    2 – Comic Book Guy
    3 – Helen Lovejoy
    4 – The Blue haired lawyer (I don’t know and I can’t find his name)

    And I can’t think of anyone else, Lisa just tends to go overboard sometimes, Mel isn’t annoying and Mr. Burns that’s just his character

  7. I agree with everything for the most part. I’d swap Mr.Burns with Apu or Krusty though. By far Lisa annoys me the worst. Go back and watch every episode despite how bad Bart is, compare how many things he’s sincerely done for other people vs Lisa. The only time Lisa does anything for anyone is for herself and some form of self satisfaction. Bart buys her the Simpsons version of Harry Potter outfit for her and she buys him a book. She cheats on a test and although she tells Skinner, realizing that the school is going to receive well needed money she decided that because of what she did the school doesn’t deserve the money it needs. So rather then turn a negative into a positive she goes for two negatives. Bart has helped Krusty, Skinner, Krabapple, Lisa and many others. I understand that he hasn’t been a good kid but he’s done more for other people. Take a look at whenever he is on top; drumming, scholarship, or financially he gives it up for his sister and her jealousy.
    As for Marge, she’s bad too. I know Homer is a jerk sometime. but every time she runs off she leaves the kids with him ( sometimes for another guy). She’s always fighting temptation with other men and fantasizing about Ned in her book. Complains about how hard her at home situation is although the kids are hardly ever there and when they are there it’s never with just her Homer is there as well.
    I just wish that they’d have stronger female characters or at least funner. I have no problem with them making every male character a wimp or an idiot, but don’t make every female some self-righteous know it all. The feminist tones of the show are overwhelming.

    • You actually have a very good point. For a while now, the show has flaunted its obvious liberal bent, and the obviousness of it all is made possible by liberal ideology having become the standard mode of thinking in the minds of the public at large. I’m not a conservative (in fact, I despise both teams), but I feel that the show has become so trapped in the pompous liberalism of its writers that during the 21st century, it forgot how to be funny or clever.

      While I do disagree with depicting all men as either wimpy or stupid, I do agree that women shouldn’t be typecast either. Personally, the show’s gender stereotypes are proof that The Simpsons is nothing more than a relic of the 90’s.

  8. Agree with Lisa. You’re are dead wrong about Mr.Burns though. He’s hilarious and with out him you wouldn’t have a lot of the better Simpson’s episodes were he served as the protagonist.

  9. Every single thing Marge does relates to something Homer either did or didn’t do. She has no personality of her own. But the worse thing I hate about her are the Valentine’s Day episodes where she does NOTHING romantic for Homer yet expects him to do something romantic for her.

    • Isn’t that indicative of real life though? The majority of women expect a meal, card, chocolates or jewellery on Valentines day, but the thought of buying a gift for their husband/boyfriend never enters their mind.

  10. Lisa isn’t that bad, Mel I think is ok he just exaggerates with the way he talks, Mr burns is just plain evil but that’s the character, Helen Lovejoy is plain irritating specially because of her catchphrase, I think comic book guy should definitely be on this list, he is arrogant, annoying irritating and a know it all he brings nothing to the show.
    But Marge? That is a whole another story, she presses all the wrong buttons, i understand that in a family of wackos, there needs to be some control, but geez, she takes out all the fun, and the things she finds fun are just plain stupid, it’s a major stupid idea after another, I dream of chopping her head off!

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