Why haven’t we gotten rid of nuclear weapons yet?


Ever since that first atomic bomb landed on Hiroshima in August 1945, we have speculated on the potential of the atom, and thus we entered the Atomic Age. In the atomic age, we examined the potential of the atom to provide a new energy source, while also fearing annihilation at the hands of nuclear war.

I have but one question, why did we make that first atomic bomb? I’ve heard that the original purpose of dropping the atom bomb was to intimidate Japan into surrendering. You know what they should have done after that? They should have gotten rid of all the atomic weapons that remained, that way nobody could ever use them ever again.

Did they do that? No they didn’t. Even Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of the Manhattan Project could now morally regret this. He even said that:

“Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

As it is clear already, I am not a fan of nuclear warfare. Why? Well, only because it could mean the annihilation of all mankind. Why would anyone want to keep them? Better yet, how have we not disposed of them yet?

This shouldn’t even be a political issue, because it’s an objective fact that, for the good of mankind, nuclear weapons need to go. And if you are comparing this to the whole gun rights issue, know this: with a gun, you can only kill one person a bullet, but with a single atomic bomb, you can wipe out an entire city.

Again, this should not even be a political issue, but somehow people did make it into a political issue, especially in the 1970’s.

Liberals wanted nuclear disarmament entirely, while conservatives wanted to keep them. Conservatives argued the obviously farcical claim that “willingness to use nuclear weapons could deter war”, while liberals argued that nuclear weapons are totally unacceptable.

Even today, conservatives in the UK want to keep Trident, Britain’s nuclear defence system. While everyone else has unilaterally accepted that the use of Trident would be illegal and illogical in all situations.

I ask again, why have we not gotten rid of nuclear weapons? They’ve been condemned by pretty much everyone, they’ve been criminalized by international law, and there is no way they can avoid civilian casualties, meaning that there is no moral case for nuclear weapons. I even found an article which dispels the myth that we needed the first atomic bomb.

It is perfectly logical to get rid of nuclear weapons, and it is perfectly feasible to declare global nuclear disarmament, and why have we not done it?

This is a question that I’m letting the viewers answer, because I honestly don’t know why we haven’t scrapped the bomb yet, but I do know that we have no moral right to continue having nuclear weapons about.


2 thoughts on “Why haven’t we gotten rid of nuclear weapons yet?

  1. Well what if we got rid of them, but North Korea refused to (like they refuse everything) and they wiped us off the map, but we couldn’t avenge ourselves.

    • Do you know what we do to nations that don’t comply? We force them to comply, with sanctions and guilt trips. If North Korea refused, then the simple answer is that we should force them to comply, because that’s the only right thing to do in that situation.

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