Why pop stars and boy bands are bad for society


“Stay away from my children you freaks!”

Throughout the 2000’s, we have seen a rise in the talentless hacks known as boy bands. They’ve been around since the 80’s, but since then they’ve spread like cancer all over the earth. We’ve also been seeing the rise of those talentless pop stars (usually girls).

I’ve already talked about how the pop industry is trying to sexualise our children, and how we’re fully aware of it, we’re not doing anything about it, and we somehow consider it acceptable. For this post, I think I should consider the wider effects of the influence of this trashy, mainstream culture that is single-handedly dumbing down our culture, and the next generation of kids and teens.

In order to truly understand why they’re so bad, one must consider that whenever a young person sees something popular, he/she will invariably try to imitate it. Boy bands like 1Direction come out with this clean, shiny, and almost gay look, and if they’re popular, boys will try to copy that look in order to get laid. Whether or not that actually works is not important.

Pop stars, assuming they’re all girls, usually wear make-up, or tan their skin because they assume we’ll like it. Unfortunately, this leads to them getting the whole “Jersey Shore look”, complete with fake tan, and an overdose of makeup. It’s horrifying, and yet everywhere I go, I see at least one girl imitating that style, and there’s plenty of them!

The popularity of tanning is actually quite worrying, considering that in order to get said tan, one must go to a tanning bed. This is a bad thing as said tanning beds have been known to cause a type of skin cancer called melanoma, a dark, malignant tumour that is the cause for the majority of skin cancer-related deaths. Teen girls are risking death by skin cancer, all because celebrities have subliminally implanted them with an insidious sense of insecurity, that leads them to think that tanning themselves will make them look beautiful, when it’s actually making them look uglier.

Another worrying part of the whole craze is, as I previously mentioned, the fact that they are out to sell sex to young kids and teens. Consider also that we have seen a rise in teen pregnancy recently. How would that be possible? Part of it is teenagers listening to popular pop song with overtly sexual lyrics, and later having unprotected sex, which then leads to either disease or pregnancy. It’s a known fact that teenagers are far too irresponsible and immature to be ready to look after a baby, so when the teen mom abandons the baby, then unless someone finds the baby and takes care of it, he or she will grow up into a life of crime as a result of poor upbringing (or no upbringing at all).

For one final point, I imagine that these pop stars undergo cosmetic surgery (presumably for fake boobs) so they can appear to look better. As if we don’t already have the fashion and cosmetics industries to make women feel insecure about their looks, and all of a sudden, cosmetic surgeries have been going on the rise over the past decade. I imagine that young women and girls are being pressured by their peers and the media to go under the knife at their own expense to make themselves look “prettier”.

I hope those boy bands, pop stars, and other talentless celebrities are proud of themselves. They’re not only dumbing down our culture, they’re also corrupting our young with feelings of insecurity, and therefore slowing down the progress of mankind.


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