What happened to journalism?

howard beale

This is mass MADNESS!

Journalism used to be about analyzing and questioning the world around us. Journalists used to expose racist incidents, even in a time when racism was the norm. They used to question the reasons for war, even in the midst of the Vietnam war. They used to expose abuse of power committed by politicians, ultimately leading up to the Watergate scandal.

In other words, journalists used to be noble, up until the point where corporations decided to take control.

The Reagan government saw many media outlets get taken over by right-wing corporations like Capital City Communications, which famously took over ABC in 1985. Later on, in 1987, the American media’s obligation to be fair and balanced, the Fairness Doctrine, was repealed by Ronald Reagan, allowing outright propaganda to roam the American airwaves, and political discourse over there has devolved since then.

In the British media, journalism has decayed since the tabloids became popular, and we’ve let society become corrupted by the influence of the red top tabloids. We placed our trust in those sleazy tabloids as they corrupted journalism with the slime of populist tripe, and their still making money even after they’ve been found guilty of the most immoral conduct.

My point is, journalism and big business are now locked into a horrid relationship. Now, the news media won’t report the truth at all unless it sells. News outlets won’t even report anything that threatens the interests of their corporate owners. And nowadays, it’s more about exploiting stupidity, rather than opening our eyes.

You can’t help but think that something’s wrong if journalism is in the sorry state that’s in. I suppose we’re getting stupider as the years go by. Because of that, we let the influence of big media corporations cloud our judgment, and now we don’t give a damn about truth or bravery in the media, to the point that the most popular news stories are next big celebrity sex scandals.

This post is shorter than usual because I really couldn’t come up with much to write about, as this was supposed to be a rant.


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