Why Jamie Oliver is an idiot

jamie oliver

This man is an idiot. Don’t let him tell you what to eat.

If there’s one kind of person I have always hated, it’s healthy eating advocates. What are they? They’re people who want to bring down fast food corporations because they “corrupt our kids”. They want to force us all to eat healthier, and the schools are caving in as we speak.

In Britain, Jamie Oliver leads the charge, along with other celebrity hacks like Heston Blumenthal and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (whose very name and accent makes him sound like a pretentious jackass). What exactly is Jamie Oliver doing? He’s running several TV programs on Channel 4 in order to espouse his belief that all meals should be healthy.

I actually hate Jamie Oliver, because he is a didactic jackass who thinks that what he’s doing is actually best for society, when in reality it’s not. I’ll give you a famous example of his attitude.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, in 2005, Jamie Oliver launched a documentary series called Jamie’s School Dinners, in which he campaigned to “improve the quality of food fed to pupils”. What was his actual plan? To force kids to have at least two portions of fruit and three vegetables a day. Back then, it made parents all over the country, to the point that in the following year, parents in South Yorkshire openly rebelled against Jamie Oliver’s tyrannical lunch plan by sneaking “junk food” from local takeaway stores to the pupils via the school fences.

They did it because they believed that students should have a healthy option made available to them, while still being given the right to choose what they want to eat, something Jamie Oliver’s system would have denied.

Like all healthy eating advocates, Jamie Oliver wants to deny free choice under the assumption that fast food, and the fast food corporations, are making everyone fat. The truth is that we have an obesity problem because we made ourselves fat, therefore, the nation’s obese should be taking responsibility for something they did to themselves. By seeing obesity as something to be stopped, and therefore denying the obese a sense of responsibilty, then they are guilty of weightism (discrimination against fat people).

People like him also don’t realize why students in school and college eat more “junk food” than “healthy food”. We do it because it’s cheaper to have a meal with chips every day than it is to have a gourmet healthy meal every day, and the current economic situation doesn’t make things any better. In fact, some families are so poor that they can’t afford healthier alternatives. If, in these times of economic hardship, “everyone was forced to eat healthy or don’t eat anything” (which is what Jamie Oliver would want), the poorer families would actually starve to death because they can’t afford it.

If we want to solve our obesity problem, while still keeping our free choice, we should make healthy foods just as cheap as “junk food”, while not taxing either. This way, more people can eat healthier, while we still have free choice. In that scenario, everybody wins.

But apparently, Jamie Oliver wouldn’t want that. He wants “junk food” to be annihilated, while leaving the price of healthy food unchanged. He also wants every menu to operate his way. It’s called fascism, and that’s why he was booted out of LA.

jamie sad

He’s apparently crying in this picture. Good.

Finally, let me point that Jamie Oliver is a complete sell-out. Why? Well, he’s made so many TV shows, released so many books with his name on it, and in Britain, he is not only a big celebrity, but he also had lunch with Tony Blair (one of the biggest lairs the world has ever seen), and was awarded an MBE, thereby making him a member of Britain’s cultural elite, and thus, a sell-out.

To summarize him, Jamie Oliver is a weightist, didactic sell-out who basically amounts to nothing more than a pimple on the face of Britain. He wants to tell us what we can and can’t eat, and wants the government to do the same. He’s a no good meddler who thinks the American way is wrong just for offering free choice, he’s a pretentious environmentalist, and he’s a sell-out for Channel 4, and not even any of that amounts to any worth.

I hope he realizes all of this, because somebody has to speak out against people like him, and if the media won’t, then I have. I’ve always hated being told what I “should or shouldn’t eat”, and anyone who tells me what to eat, and that’s why I’ll always hate Jamie Oliver for as long as he still lives, and if Jamie Oliver’s career finished, then it would put a smile on my face.


8 thoughts on “Why Jamie Oliver is an idiot

  1. I don´t know the author of the article, but I think that junk food causes problem in our health, and James Oliver just wants people to eat healthy food, where the problem is, I’m Spanish and I hate junk food like Mcdonald or burgen king, i PREFER MEDITERRANEO FOOD

    • The mistake you’re making is to believe that Jamie’s a real chef. He’s just a dude working for TV. My 4 years old daughter knows more around the kitchen than he’ll ever do. He’s a true asshole.

    • I am not spanish and I don’t want to enforce any of my eating opinions on you.

      What does being spanish have to do with anything by the way?

      This individual is not wrong but they are going about it sort of crudely. I will not be told anything by anyone. I will graciously accept your ideas though and love to be asked what I want not told what you want me to have. Jamie pretty much feels the rest of us are scab morons who cannot decide how we will live and die. I am thankful he has no real clout outside his own country and shouldn’t their either.

  2. I like you dude, that’s exactly what I was thinking about this damn idiot, if he thinks that’s better for him, let him eat it, not force me into his shit.

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