Why celebrities should stay out of politics


Maybe he should get a life.

If there’s one thing I’ve always hated, it’s when celebrities try be politically active, and push their beliefs on us. Most of the celebrities I’m talking about are, of course, politically liberal, and most of them are either actors or musicians.

Let me make one thing clear. I respect that we all have the right to our opinion, and the right to express it. But we have no right to force our opinions on others, and that’s exactly what these celebrities are doing. Remember when a bunch of celebrities made and starred in that video advocating gun control? People like that are called “didactic” for a reason, because of their excessive moralism, except these celebrities don’t have a real morality. They’re pretending to have one because “caring” sells.

How is the celebrity moralism false? That’s easy, because they’re hypocrites, especially the liberal celebrities. For instance, Matt Damon and Jamie Foxx support gun control, while making a killing in violent action movies (the Bourne series and Django Unchained respectively).

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has spoken out against capitalism in his 2009 film, Capitalism: A Love Story, and he talks about the evils of big corporations, while he himself got rich from his movies, and hasn’t used even a cent from his millions of dollars to help the poor. Yes, I bash big corporations all the time at home, but the difference is that I’m not rich.

Former Vice President Al Gore made a movie about climate change called An Inconvenient Truth (one of the most overrated, and my most hated movies of all time), and has continued to speak out against climate change, but only because he wants attention. Also, he drives a gas-guzzling SUV, one of the things environmentalists believe is making it worse.

For one more important example, overrated pop whore Jessie J made a song called “Price Tag”, where she sings about how we should “forget about the price tag”, and how “it ain’t all about the money”. In this regard, she’s a massive hypocrite, because everything she does is for the purpose of making money and nothing else (hence why I referred to her as a “pop whore”).

If I went to a foreign country, and someone from there told me that Western culture made him/her feel sick to his/her stomach, I wouldn’t blame that person. Literally, our culture is so obsessed with celebrities, that every time we see one of those Hollywood types walking on the red carpet, we go on and on about it so much it makes me want to hurl.

The main problem with our celebrity culture is that it encourages us to blindly worship those worthless phonies like gods. If we fought to overthrow religion, then we did it for nothing. We’ve created our very own little cult, with Hollywood as the messiah figure, and I’m disgusted by it every day, because the celebrities (some them at least), did absolutely nothing to earn my respect, and yet I’m expected to give them respect.

Does anyone really know what the celebrities really want? They just want to be able to do any drug they want, have sex however they want, and bypass any law they want, all without any care for the consequences (if there are at all). Basically, they want to like the Caesars of ancient Rome, but we can’t stand for it, not a supposedly democratic society.

And that is why celebrities have no right to talk about what’s right or wrong: because they have no perception of what’s right and wrong and don’t want to have to show any restraint. That, and they are all massive hypocrites.


3 thoughts on “Why celebrities should stay out of politics

  1. I agree! XD. In my country there was an actor who became mayor of a city o.O”……..and he was really dumb and everyone knew, but they elected him because since all mayors are all shit, that one wouldn’t be different xD

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