How we used TV to ruin society


My god, it’s trying to wipe out all thought!

Before you say anything, yes, I do watch TV. But that doesn’t mean I like it. In fact, TV, and how much of a role it plays in daily life, says something pretty awful about society.

Television as we know it was invented by a man named Philo T. Farnsworth in the 1920’s. Why did he do it? He wanted it to be used as a way to educate the masses. He also wanted it to be a way for people to understand how other people live, so that world problems could be settled through peaceful means, not with war. Unfortunately, his undoing was that he had too much expectations for humanity.

Humanity instead chose to use it for more sinister purposes. As soon as the cold war against communism began, we decided to use it to brainwash a whole generation into supporting what is basically a new wave of fascism. In the 60’s, we used it to brainwash people into supporting an objectively immoral and unjustifiable war in Vietman, and we used a ton of games shows to keep people docile.

In the 70’s, in a rare instance of using TV for good, we used it to rip our rulers apart. But TV sinned again in the same decade, by using it to induce fear. In the 80’s, TV became the vehicle with which Ronald Reagan could deceive America with his wicked slogans, and the media used TV fill us with lies about drugs, Russia, crime, and their political and religious enemies.

In the 90’s, TV got to work in corroding the last etches of what could be could be called culture, with a tidal wave of what would become stereotypical pop and rap songs. We also rang in a new wave of mind-numbing exploitation via the glut of trashy, tacky, and campy live action TV shows, all of which were designed to erode the mind.

the fresh prince of bel air

Pictured: A tidal wave of moral decay

Such a trend would continue into the year 2000, but after 9/11, TV had a greater emphasis on using fear to keep us the hell in line. With two illegal wars up and running, TV has been trying to get us to support both. And as the world economy began to fall like the Hindenburg, the quality of TV would soon begin to echo the decay of the world.

The point is, far from using TV to educate the masses, as Farnsworth would have wanted, we as a species somehow decided to use it to make us all stupider. We’ve created a cultural wasteland where quality is scarce, and we did it years before such shows as Flavor of Love walked the airwaves.

The worst part is that we somehow allowed TV to be so ingrained into lives, that we’ve literally become brainwashed. We live with a whole new tyranny now, the tyranny of television, which is slowly making each and every one of our lives pointless, and we’re all at fault for it.

That aside, we’ve given a failed invention too much power, and it’s corrupted everything, from journalism, to culture, to our perception of every possible group. We’ve been raising our kids on the stuff, and using the influence of TV, we’re creating a new generation of brain-dead zombies out of our kids as we speak.

I believe we all want to throw TV away from our society, but alas, we’re all trapped in the vice-like grip of it’s power, and we’re paying the price for it.


3 thoughts on “How we used TV to ruin society

  1. I agree with you. And even the channels that should teach us something are starting to say stupid things like History Channel (idk if you have cable tv) saying that everything has to do with aliens! OMG! =_=’

  2. This vice-like grip is why one simply stops watching it. I don’t touch it. Leave that shit to rot. Don’t just continue to watch it and bitch that everyone else does too.

    • I more or less wanted to talk about how TV was supposed to be used for a greater purpose, but we screwed it up, and look where we are today. Parents now use the TV to do their job for them, simply because they don’t want to fulfill their obligation to raise their kids.

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