Of guns and men

man with a gun

It’s been over a month since that whole horrible incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the quarreling over guns rights just will not stop. Liberals are being incredibly divisive and manipulative so they can get assault weapons banned, while conservatives are fighting with vitriolic fervor, and a sea of blame games just to defend their constitutional right to bear arms.

I honestly don’t see why guns should be banned. We love guns, because as soon as you have a gun, you can kick ass and look cool doing it. Plus, if you have a gun, you’ll be able to defend yourself from thugs, cops, soldiers, and government oppression. Without a gun, you’re completely defenceless when danger comes at your door.

So when Hollywood liberals advocate that Americans relinquish their age-old gun rights, they’re fighting to make every last one of them defenceless. The worst part of all is that most Hollywood celebrities advocate gun control (even Jamie Foxx from the new Django Unchained), and any advocate of gun control believes that it will stop violent crimes. The reality is that it won’t. When will those liberals learn that criminals don’t care what the law saws, that’s why they’re criminals. If gun control was put in place, then criminals will be able to bust into your house, and take all your valued possessions, or possibly rape your loved ones, while you’re totally defenceless.

I’m sorry, but I can’t support something that allows a complete mockery of fairness and justice to take place. Do gun control supporters actually believe that they are more moral than those who don’t? Well, if giving criminals what they want is moral to them, then they must be some of the most immoral folk on the planet.

For you, it sounds like I’m actually supporting gun rights. If you’ve come to that conclusion already, then congratulations, you’re quite perceptive. I suppose I should tell you why I would support gun rights. Let me start by telling you about someone who doesn’t: Piers Morgan.

piers morgan

a.k.a. The biggest git in the universe!

Who is he? Well, he’s one of the biggest whores in all journalism. He worked for tabloids like the Daily Mirror, had close ties with the billionaire tyrant Rupert Murdoch, and for all I know he’s liberal.

Yes, this is about that whole rotten business on CNN. Let’s compare the two sides.

  1. Piers Morgan, a liberal Brit who has no business interfering with American politics, who took paychecks from tabloids who got neck deep in illegal phone hacking.
  2. Alex Jones, a libertarian talk radio host who talks a lot about “the new world order”, who is generally perceived as a nut job who believes in conspiracy theories.

As insane as it sounds, I actually think that in that entire interview, the only one with a point is Alex Jones. Sure, he destroyed most of his credibility, but he’s actually angry at the fact that a Brit would just waltz into American culture, and tell an American that his/her beliefs are somehow wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even like Alex Jones, but if one of the big supporters of gun control is such an insufferable git, then I think I’d rather support gun rights.

Besides, the Nazis implemented gun control, and look where that took them. And it wasn’t just them. Every dictatorship ever known has outlawed the use of guns by civilians. Why? Because a defenceless population is easier to control than an armed population. If the US institutes gun control laws, they are effectively ripping up a part of the US constitution, and taking a step towards becoming a dictatorship.

In conclusion, we have guns because we need them to defend ourselves from the forces of totalitarianism, and the thugs and rapists from the streets. But in the UK, gun ownership is illegal, and through all the years we’ve seen innocent women and children getting killed on the street, because the thugs know they can get firearms, while the rest of us law-abiding citizens can’t.

This is proof that gun control doesn’t stop violent crime, rather it makes violent crime worse.


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