When it snows in Britain, we’re completely incompetent

snow in london

It looks like heaven.

When I was kid, I always cautiously waited for it to snow again, because if ever, no, whenever it snows, the schools always close. That makes me go “yipee, yipee, snow!”

It’s fun for the kids, but it’s hell on the adults. Often the building you work in has to be closed due to unsafe road conditions caused by ice on the roads and the curves. If your a college student, be prepared to pull your hair as your unable to attend your college when it closes. Your assignment work will most likely suffer as a result.

In Britain, we always panic when it snows. Snowfall is a rarity in the UK, due to it having the most unpredictable weather pattern I’ve ever seen. Whenever it snows in Britain, the media (or more specifically, the tabloids) whip up a frenzy designed to induce panic upon us.

I remember hearing Jeremy Clarkson remarking in an episode of Top Gear about how we didn’t need too much protection in the old days (when “proper winters used to occur), compared to how much protection the media says we need. Dear God, it is insane, especially when you consider the fact that snow days nowadays are quite tame compared to a snow day in the 1940’s. It’s also nothing like the snow they get all the time in other European countries, like Norway.


Well, I’m packing my bags.

Some other European countries are used to snowy conditions, and are thus unfazed whenever it snows like it does here in the UK. But in the UK, the media only thinks of one word: chaos. Chaos for transport, chaos for the economy (which is already in a crappy state as it stands), and chaos for work. The Daily Express knows this, and has always exploited our nation’s seemingly ingrained fear of the weather with obviously fake forecasts about “arctic winters in the UK”, which is impossible.

The most embarrassing part is that every time the media sensationalizes the winter weather, we as a nation will always 100% fall for it, seemingly without fail. When it comes to the snow, we are utterly gullible, and unable to get our affairs in order. In the nation’s defence, it’s not our fault. We simply don’t understand our own weather pattern, which as I said is horrendously unpredictable, often to our own undoing.

In conclusion, the snow isn’t bad, it’s how the media is taking it that is.


One thought on “When it snows in Britain, we’re completely incompetent

  1. I can agree so much with your conclusion! I have lived in Chicago for most of my life, and the news is awful – ANY snow = big winter blizzard and everyone starts freaking out, and it is all hype. It makes you get it in your head already that it’s going to be bad no matter what.
    Now I’m living in the mountains in Japan, and we’ve had tons of snow here already (especially compared to Chicago the last couple years!) – even if I had a TV here, I wouldn’t really understand what they are saying about it, so it’s possible they are hyping it here, but it’s so peaceful just watching the snow fall and just dealing with it, matter-o-factly without all the crazy talk around me!
    I love it now! 😀

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