Why would we want a real life death star?

death star

Is this really necessary?

Recently, the White House rejected a proposal to build a “real life Death Star” above the sky. The petition apparently got over 34,000 signatures. I only have one question: Why would anyone want one in the first place?

Such a thing would be extremely expensive (it has been estimated to cost over $850 quadrillion) and not to mention impractical. I think this is why outlandish things such as the death star should be left in the realm of Hollywood fantasy. But the thing is, why do we want it out of the realm of fantasy to begin with?

Apparently “John D” is the one who started the petition to build the Death Star, and his excuse of the day was that it would “strengthen national security” and “create jobs”. If destroying the world economy 53,125 times over is John D’s solution to the deficit problem, then he must probably be insane, and probably knows absolutely nothing about economics.

Anyone who’s watched the Star Wars movies knows that the Death Star is capable of destroying planets. Did anyone ever have the idea that we would need to blow up planets, or even want to? If so, where did he get such nonsense? We aren’t even a space colonizing empire yet, and we’re already under the thought that we might need to blow up planets? For God’s sake, al-Qaeda isn’t hiding in space.

I apologize for the rather short post, but that’s all I can say about this.


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