Capitalism hasn’t failed, it’s just been mishandled


Oh grow up will you?

Capitalism has had a pretty bad reputation lately, and this is mainly because of vocal opposition by liberal celebrities, and naive university students who know nothing about economics. I’ll admit, I don’t know even half about economics, but that doesn’t mean I have no opinion on capitalism.

Obviously the reasoning behind this vocal opposition has come along due to the financial crisis of 2008, with millions losing their jobs, and many companies going under. Many people now think that capitalism has failed, and that a new system should be put in place. In reality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, capitalism is a concept, created by humans. Therefore, it can’t really be put at fault for when it goes wrong.

If you’re thinking: “Well if it’s not capitalism, then who’s fault is it?”

I think I can tell you with a straight face. It’s not capitalism, it’s the people who exploit the system in order to be super-rich. The bankers, the CEO’s, the war profiteers, they are all the one you should blame. Why? They took all the money. They wanted more money to buy things that they really didn’t need to begin with, and look what that’s done. If you want to blame anything, you should be blaming corporate greed.

I’m sure the government knew full well that if the plethora of corporate conglomerates were allowed to commit sleazy business practices, then the world would go to hell. I’m also sure that they also knew how to stop them, just that they have been bribed by various corporate lobbyists. What’s a lobbyist? It’s person hired by a corporation to persuade politicians to act in their whim. Corporations use lobbyists to alter the decisions of politicians against popular opinion, and thus corrupting our political system, and damaging the integrity of democracy itself.

What I’m trying to say is that capitalism hasn’t quite failed. Yes, capitalism is quite a bad system, but the question is, what could be better? Communism has seen Asian countries turn to dictatorships, socialism hasn’t been fully tested, and I don’t quite trust anrachism, nor the anarcho-syndicalist commune.


But then again, this guy isn’t really the best advocate.

Capitalism can be good, it just takes plenty of competent regulation, whether or not it comes from the government. Even if it did, then who cares? Government complacency allowed this mess to happen, and if they want us to have faith in them again, then maybe they should be teaching the big corporations who runs the country. That’ll make us happy.

All I’m saying is that if the big corporations are guilty of extremely immoral acts, then they should be punished. We need to bring an end to their reign of pillaging and exploitation. Regulating big business may not sound comfortable for those who really value freedom, but it’s either that, or we allow history to repeat itself again and again until civilization collapses under the weight of our unchecked mistakes, all while the greedy cash in their ill-gotten paychecks. I assume we don’t want that.


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