Why China will not rule the world

chinese riot

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about China “becoming a new superpower”. The reason, the media claims, is that Western economies has been borrowing money from China, and if they can’t pay back their debts, the media tries to tell us that the outcome will be anything other than pretty. But I believe that it’s all just a snow job by the media, just like world peace.

Whenever they talk about China’s growth on the news, they’ll post statistics that show China doing well (usually at the top of something). But what you might not know is that the media actually omits key stats that undermine the possibility of a Chinese superpower. For example, China has the worst divide between the rich and the poor in the whole world, which is something even the Chinese are ashamed of, which obviously implies that China knows about this.

There exists another barrier between China and world domination: the people. You would think that in a communist dictatorship like China, the people are not a problem. However, you’d be forgetting that there are over a billion people in China, most of which are “peasants”. There are tens of thousands of angry protests and potentially violent riots (which the Chinese government refers to as “mass incidents”) every year, and all because China has such a crappy government, and horrific living conditions.

China has the worst environmental track record in the world, with air so polluted that only the few can breathe fresh air. Even China’s own Ministry of Health lists cancer as the number one cause of death reported in China. There are towns in China where seeing the sun is an actual miracle, because it’s obscured by smog, one of the biggest issues that China is both the victim and the cause of.


Welcome to Hell!

China is basically the biggest polluter in the world, and all in the name of industrial progress. Money alone does not make a superpower. It’s also about military clout, and the stability of a nation. China is definitely not stable.

The only reason Americans fear China’s “expansion” is because in the American mind, there can only be one superpower. So to them, and the stupid Western media, China becoming a superpower means the end of the US.


Pictured: American mentality

Is everyone forgetting the fact that there were two co-existing superpowers before? Back during the Cold War, there were two rival superpowers: America and Russia. Both were large in size, both head nuclear warheads, and both ruthlessly hated each other’s ideology.

China does not export its education, innovation, values, or ideas, all of which may as be just as lousy as the smog. America, on the other hand, did. China has a plethora of undesirable attributes, as well as desirable attributes, and we would benefit from studying China. But in all this confusion, use your heads, and don’t buy into the scaremongering. The media is just using this whole thing to instill fear into you so you can give them attention they don’t deserve.

History has shown that people filled with fear are easier to control. If we want to preserve our freedom, then we must be strong, and stand up against the scaremongering.


4 thoughts on “Why China will not rule the world

      • the funny thing is that although this take is fairly evident once one looks properly at the facts, but no-one sees it, because as you say, the media don’t want their ‘horror stories’ undermined

      • Exactly. They’re the only reason we still need politicians, religion, censorship, and all the other things we don’t really want. It’s as though Rupert Murdoch may as well be horror movie director (a pretty bad one too).

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