An accurate description of moral guardians (from someone who hates them)

moral guardians

A moral guardian is any person who tries to get a book, video game, TV show, or movie banned for no particular reason, and without any regard for actual statistics on violent crime. They’ll say that they’re doing it to “protect their children”. But here’s the reality behind them.

They don’t give a damn about “protecting” children. They oppose the things they oppose because it defies their dogmatic values, which stand against the right to free expression. Understandably, most moral guardians are religious, particularly of the fundamentalist Christian variety, and we all know what they’re like. Here are some typical statements made by moral guardians (all of which are completely false):

  • “Video games cause suicide and violence”
  • “Harry Potter encourages devil worship”
  • “Heavy metal is brainwashing our kids”
  • “TV is corrupting our kids”
  • “Catcher in the Rye caused the killing of John Lennon”
  • “Drugs are evil and should be banned”
  • “New Kids on the Block is the best band ever”
new kids on the block

If this gets me into heaven, then I’m going straight to hell.

Isn’t it rather odd that these moral guardians are only attacking the popular things, and embrace everything kids hate? There are a lot more violent movies from Asia, and you don’t see the moral guardians complaining whenever they get released to America. There’s a maelstrom of sexual content all over the internet (most of it being repetitive and ugly), and you don’t hear them complaining on the news (or at least not often). In fact, the gossip industry is far more immoral than any other facet of the entertainment industry, and yet the moral guardians seem to have embraced it.

Have you ever wondered why they complain about the entertainment industry? It’s really that simple. They want to control their children’s lives. They want to keep their children wrapped up in a little bubble to keep them away from the real world, while they get to participate in some of the most depraved activities there could be. For instance, the moral guardians who oppose pornography and homosexuality could actually be some of the most depraved perverts in the community, or be closet homosexuals themselves.

The entertainment industry has literally no obligation to conform to the outdated morality of a few zealous parents. The reason why those parents think they should be “more moral” is because they use TV as the sole babysitter and educator of their children, so that they can absolve themselves of any responsibility whatsoever. In that sense, they are more immoral than the things they oppose.

Speaking of that, the parents who are like this used to be in the position of “the ones being repressed”, and when they were teenagers or young adults, they used to smoke pot and engage in intercourse and listen to rock music whenever they wanted, and without any restraint whatsoever, and you’re telling me that now they want all of that to be banned. This is the reason why people almost never take them seriously. They’re the real world equivalent of internet trolls, and to become moral guardians, they had to sell out their own beliefs. They aren’t rebels anymore, they’re just hatchet bearers for an old, dying morality code that means nothing to us now.

And that, dear viewers, is an unbiased description of moral guardians.


2 thoughts on “An accurate description of moral guardians (from someone who hates them)

  1. I’m not saying I agree with moral guardians, but this blog/article is very biased and opinionated therefore cannot be called ‘an accurate description of moral guardians’ as its not accurate! Sorry to sound like a party pooper and this blog/article is quite funny! I’m in the middle- some things moral guardians say are far fetched like the thing about Harry Potter but others I quite agree on, I’m a kid myself but I wouldnt want my child playing on shooting games and enjoying it whilst doing so. its just not what I call fun or something you’d enjoy but then again I am a girl too! I dont think shooting peoples funny and some of those games are quite pointless! I am actually supposed to be doing a sociology essay now but oh well! (P.S I’m don’t believe in God either I’m an atheist.. doesn’t mean that I dont agree that shooting games can be too violent. Because I do agree sometimes)

    • As for accuracy why do you think I put in “from someone who hates them”? The “accurate description” part is meant to be ironic.

      Besides, most, if not everything in that post is true. Moral guardians want nothing more than to oppress popular culture and have control over what we can and can’t do.

      Moral guardians really don’t like facts, because they disprove their point. For example, there is no evidence that links Slipknot to teen suicide.

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