5 reasons why we must despise Big Brother

big brother

The eye of evil.

On Thursday, the new series of Celebrity Big Brother came out to disgrace culture once again. Honestly, I’ve never seen Big Brother, but I’ve always hated it. It represents the devolution of our culture as a whole, especially since Big Brother is what started the popularity of reality TV during the 2000’s.

The show itself gets its name from the supreme dictator in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen-Eighty-Four, which coined the phrase “Big Brother is watching”. The book itself was a warning against totalitarian government and state surviellance. Call me crazy, but I think the makers of Big Brother have actually, in part, fulfilled the prophecy made by many speculative science fiction writers: that we as a people will be swallowed and stupefied by a tidal wave of lowest common denominator entertainment.

I think I’m the only one who’s going to say it: we need to take Big Brother off the air. Why? Because it’s bad for us. Why? I’m about to tell you why.

  1. It’s full of untalented, unfamous wannabes who only want their 15 minutes of fame – Allow me to make this point clear. Nobody who has ever appeared on Big Brother has done anything to earn our respect. Not Jade Goody, not Katie Price, not whoever the obligatory sex-crazed freak was, and certainly not Davina McCall, the presenter of the show. In fact, Davina McCall’s entire career has been kept going solely because of her fame presenting Big Brother.
  2. It encourages voyeurism – The central theme of the show is that a bunch of idiots who nobody cares about are in a house, and their actions are spied on throughout the whole run of the show. Call me crazy, but this is every government’s wet dream. If the government could do something like that, and for the whole of society, their authority could be unstoppable, and that simply isn’t morally right. Also, it implicitly spreads the idea that voyeurism is acceptable, when it’s not. Speaking of morality…
  3. It sets a bad example to society – Everyone on Big Brother just wants an excuse to be some kind of depraved, sex-crazed freak. They just want to make themselves, and their country look horrible on national television. It tries to tell us that having orgies non-stop while being monitored by a camera is somehow acceptable, that lots of makeup and fake tan is somehow attractive. Guess what? None of that is true! Imagine what Big Brother must be doing to the young generation. It’s probably distorting their view of the world right now.
  4. It’s fuel for the tabloids – The aforementioned depraved sex acts are a vehicle for no good wannabes like the Big Brother contestants to be famous. Why? Because the tabloid editors are perverts. They’ll look for any excuse possible to run smut on their newspapers, and with no regard for who’s reading it. Naturally, Big Brother is a gold mine for tabloids like the Daily Star to put the sleazy goings on of the Big Brother house on the front page, instead of potentially more important news stories that make us think. All the while, they use this to say that this sort of behaviour is wrong, but they’re being hypocritical because they revel in it all the time.
  5. Since Channel 5 brought Big Brother back, all of it has gotten worse – Ever since it started in the year 2000, Channel 4 was swimming in ratings, at the cost of whatever soul it had. But then, 10 years after it started, it finally came off the air. We thought that it would be the end, until Channel 5 ruined everything by re-airing it in 2011. From there on out, it could only get worse. Channel 5 was always a crappy channel, unfailingly setting a bad example of British TV. But when they aired Big Brother, they sealed the deal for their reputation of the lowest common denominator channel of Britain. The only question is, how much worse could it get?

Big Brother also has the side effect of ripping away all the credibility that any genuine celebrity may have had. One infamous example of this degradation is Coolio, a rapper who became famous when he made the 1995 single “Gangsta’s Paradise”. As soon as he entered the Big Brother house, he lost all his street cred, and now everyone hates him.

Isn’t this the kind of culture we should be despising? According to our self-imposed “morality”, this kind of thing should be wrong. But the continued survival of Big Brother says something horrible about our culture, and our moral values. What exactly does it say about our society? It says that we are actually hypocrites when it comes to morality, that we don’t even care that our culture is going straight to hell.

We as human beings should demand quality TV. I think we should campaign to get Big Brother off the air, this time for good, because nobody deserves to be subjected to the horror of any reality TV show. Think about it this way, if we get rid of Big Brother, it will send a message that we don’t approve of this kind of culture, and that the big corporations who shove it down our throats should just pack up their bags, and stop destroying our culture.


4 thoughts on “5 reasons why we must despise Big Brother

  1. Fuck Big Brother! It is a shitty, boring, repetitive, cheap show that appeals to the lowest common denominator. It is total garbage and you lose brain cells just by watching a second of the show. What do people see in this trash? It started this whole trend of reality TV and the trend has yet to end.

  2. I have not followed Big Brother closely, but it seems to me that moving Big Brother to a different channel has made it worse. It seems to have become, like many game shows and comedy shows in Britain, a way of humiliating contestants and forming public opinion about certain people. Apparently, the former owner of Channel 5 could be very aggressive in forcing celebrities to enter the Celebrity Edition. Even screaming abuse at a comedian unable to enter the competition because they had to attend court.
    It is interesting that you mention the strange participants, I remember an article written by a former contestant (called John Tickle). He claims the series he featured in ruined the show. He and the other housemates decided to be affable and try and live as pleasantly as possible in the house (there was even a hour during each day when they all sat down and read books). Since then, the creators tried to recruit outrageous characters to stimulate viewing figures, but alienated the audience.
    I agree with the comment about the show producing tabloid stories. I also get annoyed that, even after the show has finished, some newspapers follow the contestants and they become media personalities, so they get more coverage despite not doing anything memorable. There also seems to be a strange effect with the Celebrity Big Brother. Many contestants, who seemed to have almost become unknown when they enter, suddenly appear more frequently on TV and in newspapers and actually appear on shows where they express their opinions.

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