The anti-intellectualism of our society


Not the best example, but hey.

Centuries ago, intelligence was highly valued, and some of the world’s greatest figures were very well educated. Nowadays, intelligence is considered a miserable existence, while ignorance is considered bliss. Religion doesn’t value your intelligence at all. The church would prefer you to be stupid enough to believe, rather than smart enough to question church dogma. Governments would like for the masses to be in perpetual ignorance so that they aren’t smart enough to defend themselves from oppression.

Culture itself has morphed overtime, as though to reflect on this. Nobody’s really interested in anything clever or original. They only want the same thing over and over again, and the media always tries to sneak in something sexual, under the assumption that stupid people are only interested in sex.

This technically means that the media is responsible for the growing anti-intellectualism in our society. Oh, I think I should tell you what “anti-intellectualism” is.

Anti-intellectualism is hatred or mistrust towards intellectuals, and general discouragement of intellectual pursuits. It’s also the practice of demonizing intellectualism, and/or idolizing stupidity (which is the wrong thing to do).

The media is at fault for anti-intellectualism because of its stereotypes of intellectuals. They portray intellectuals as either:

  1. A human calculator who has no sex life (the same stereotype given to autistic people)
  2. A pompous jackass who claims to know the answers to everything (usually portrayed as liberals, again with no sex life)

They portray intellectual kids as hopeless “nerds” who are incapable of romance and are always beaten up by stronger, and ultimately stupider characters. They portray intellectual adults as cold-hearted cynics who are so full of themselves that they are incapable of joy. The corporate media wants to surround us with idiocy, and the illusion of it being “blissful”, so that they can load us with whatever grade-A bullprop they damn well please. The media is basically destroying the value of intelligence with the twin guns of stupidity and sex.

katie price

And the illusion that this is “sexy”

In America, the situation is much worse. Education in America overall is much crappier than most other countries in the world, and politics has become dumber and dumber every four years, with Sarah Palin leading the corrosion of political discourse, which ultimately leads to dumber voters, such is the folly of democracy.

In some states, they’ve even banned academic books, and even classic books like To Kill a Mocking Bird, and Spakespeare’s The Tempest for reasons that make no goddamn sense. The worst part is that in America, intellectualism is associated with successful liberal millionaires who are perceived as “telling Americans how to think”. Those aren’t intellectuals. In fact, the millionaires mentioned are about as smart as Matt Damon, and he’s dumb!


Then again, so is whoever made this.

It’s pointless for the media to attack intellectualism, because it’s the smart guys who keep civilization going. Only intellectuals can understand how the economy works, design a video game, lecture at a university (and do a good job), and be a competent ruler. Intellectuals are also the very people who design our computers, and they made the internet. Imagine what would happen if every function in society was carried out by idiots.

the apocalypse

Basically, it’s pointless to bash intellectuals because we need them. I think the media is letting its desire for people to buy their crap outweigh the greater societal need for intellectuals to keep the world going round. They question the reasons for everyday dogma, and ponder the questions we dare not ask. They solve our problems so we don’t have to. We can at least give them a break, a break from all the distrust. The biggest cultural disaster I could imagine is if we lost all our faith in genuine intellectuals, and put all our faith in people who have no idea what their doing (probably with only porn to show for it). I worry that if our society continues to focus only on sex, then we’ll lose whatever culture we have left, until it’s nothing but stupid sex organs.

Don’t bash the intellectual, he might be the person who can fix your computer.


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