Why we don’t need the royal family anymore

regalis horrendus

Nothing more than common celebrities.

There was a time when kings actually had a role. Centuries ago, a king would have been the most powerful man in the country (when we were still a Catholic country, the king would have been less powerful than the Pope). The King made all the decisions, and didn’t give a damn about ideology (which, as we know it, wasn’t even invented until the French Revolution). The only bias the king had was his religion. Not only that, but the king was perfectly willing to go to war with his fellow man, as demonstrated by Richard the Lionheart during the Crusades.

Nowadays, the Royal Family is a purely aristocratic circle that does absolutely nothing other than:

  • Evade taxes
  • Parade around foreign countries (some of which the Queen still owns)
  • Trying to convince everyone that they’re still worthy of their existence.

What I’m trying to say is that their nothing more than celebrities, you know, the people we should be despising. In an effort to maintain their existence in a democratic society which, logically, doesn’t need them anymore, they’ve become a part of our celebrity culture, another thing we should be despising. They’ve been doing this since the Second World War ended, and democracy became more prominent. The status of the royal family as celebrities has become more profound as the reign Queen Elizabeth II continued, and as Princess Diana’s popularity continued to rise.

For me, the trashy, celebrity part of the royal family has reached a point where it completely swallows up every other aspect of the royal family, as if they only exist to be treated the same as celebrities, except for the fact that the British still hold them as sacred. For God’s sake guys, the royal family is out of touch with the real world, today’s world. And yet we still think they’re important, and perfect. Not only that, but the media expects us to worship the royals like the gods they aren’t, whilst simultaneously subjecting them to the same disgrace on the tabloids as celebrities.

god save the queen

Oh give it a rest will you?

Even such “patriotic” catchphrases as “God save the queen” are now nothing more than corporate slogans placed on cheesy merchandise to sell crap. This culture allows a complete nobody, who did nothing of any worth to gain the praise of millions of idiots. I’m of course talking about Kate Middleton, a woman who’s otherwise so worthless, that topless photos of her will instantly magnetize attention to her, like there’s nothing better for us to focus on.

Most people will say that we need the royals because it brings tourism to the country. Excuse my French, but I think the Olympics already accomplished that. And let’s be reasonable. If tourism is the only reason we keep the royal family (aside from the trashy celebrity culture), then something is truly wrong. Not to mention the fact that the royals are extremely rich. All the money they have could have easily gone towards curing cancer or AIDS, and people think that somehow the royals are more deserving of it?

Good God, what has our society come to? It values a dying, useless circle of aristocrats on gold chairs rather than doctors who save lives. It values trashy celebrity culture over the people who help their community everyday, and all of what I have said, is why I believe we don’t need the royal family anymore, and may we be better without them.


5 thoughts on “Why we don’t need the royal family anymore

  1. Get rid of the lazy sponging c**ts, the queen is braisen enough to give speeches about poverty from a golden ecrusted thrown with pricless diamonds all over the place, sick bitch!

  2. I truly agree with you even more, the real true “royals” are everyday people who work every day to support themselves and their families. Also the young people who go to school to make something out themselves. Who needs the British royal family anyway, all they do is absorb hard working people’s money and flaunts their materialistic lifestyle!!

  3. I agree with you on not needing the monarchy anymore. Its great to read someone who tells it like it is and says what so many are thinking but will not say. I saw an amazing artists work depicting this very topic on the Royals here in Canada and the picture is contraversial and causing quite a stir… I sould get the artist to send you some pictures if you wanted to post them… I am sure it would drive the debate and drive volume to this site… Keep up the great work.. love this site

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