Why we shouldn’t impose multiculturalism


Let me be frank, multiculturalism is fine, and I think people from other countries have the right to their own culture. But what I don’t like about our “neo-liberal” society is that it likes to force everyone to accept multiculturalism. It’s not the people who are doing it, it’s the media. Once again, the media is guilty of a flaw in our society.

How do they force people to accept multiculturalism? By painting anyone who doesn’t as a complete, racist monster, even if he/she isn’t racist.

My view on multiculturalism is this: if people of different races and cultures are actually living in peace with one another, as its supporters claim, then I’m perfectly fine. But if it means some of our crucial freedoms must be lost, then I think we need to have a little talk.

Obviously I’m not a racist, but do like the odd politically incorrect joke whenever I feel like it. If multiculturalism means that I can’t joke about whatever I feel like, then I think we have a serious problem. In this scenario, multiculturalism would end up encouraging political correctness, and we all know how bad that is.

There also exist a number of problems with multiculturalism. The main problem with it is that it actually encourages the idea that people of different races are different to white people, which would make the equality-loving supporters of multiculturalism guilty of hypocrisy. With this in mind, this also leads to a nation being divided over culture, which doesn’t help the cause of equality. Think about it this way: if any culture formed a community in a foreign nation, and complained about their culture “not being respected”, said multicultural nation would end up passing laws that restrict the freedoms of innocent people, just to protect other cultures from offence.

The other problem is that different cultures can, and do clash as a result. For example, one culture may find it acceptable for women to walk around not wearing much clothes, while another culture in the same area may oppose it. For another example, the Jews have a taboo against eating pork. Say a Jewish community was in the same area as another culture, which might accept eating pork. The two cultures would clash.

This has the same effect as hate crime laws: treating people of different races as though they are different groups, who need to be singled out for “protection”. That actually might make people more disillusioned with the ideal of multiculturalism.

On the other hand, the many flaws of multiculturalism do not justify racism and bigotry. Nothing really does. I think politicians secretly want to be racist, and are thus hiding behind things like multiculturalism as a way of treating people differently, in a manner in which it can be passed off as acceptable.

wolf in sheep's clothing

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In my opinion, multiculturalism is a solid concept, but due to the many problems it has, we shouldn’t make it the dominant mantra of our society. It just carries too many risks of culture clashes, rather than cultural unity.


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