Why January is always depressing

Do you ever get that feeling after the Holiday season, where you feel like crap? We all know what that feeling is. I call it the Holiday bring down. It’s that depressing feeling after the holidays that affects us all.

When you’re a kid, it’s the feeling that you have to go back to school. For me, it’s the feeling that I have to go back to college, and my assignment work. If you’re an adult, it’s that back to work feeling. If you do office work, then it’s back to hell for you.


“Great, another year of this dead end job”

Yep, we all know that even though a new year has come, things will always be the same as last year, even because of the little bits. Here’s something else that’s depressing about a new year:

  • We have to get back to work
  • Society is still going to hell
  • Culture as we know it is still rotting
  • The rich are still in heaven
  • The poor are still in hell
  • Nothing about it is going to change in the distant future

This sounds like pessimism, but it’s true. It happened last year, and it’ll be like this here in 2013, unless someone actually gets off his/her ass and does something about it. Will that happen at all? Probably not.

Look on the bright side, it only lasts for the first few weeks of the year.



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