Is the teenage rebellion a myth?

In culture, teens are looked at by adults with scorn, terror, and, well, anything that vilifies teens. Yes, this is the myth that all teens rebel against their parents as a natural phase of life. This is a myth because it is a stereotype based on the worst that society has to offer.

The media does a notoriously terrible job at representing teenagers, because they only show the negative side of teenagers, and the “bad teens”, which I assure you, are few in number. All the media focuses on are the hoodies, the drunken rioters, the tanned skanks, the drunk girls, and of course, the teen moms. These are all uncommon, and horrible examples of teens in our society, and they’re all used by “experts” to describe “teenage rebellion” as a “natural phase” in teenage life.

The problem with this is that most teenagers aren’t focused on rebelling against their parents. They just want to live their life while it’s still sweet for them. Just that the media wants to exaggerate their rebellious traits for the purpose of scaring little kids, parents, and, perhaps more likely, old people.

That not the only thing the media is using this false image for. Corporations like to abuse the image of the “rebellious teenager” in order to hock various goods, and obviously crappy pop and rap music.


This is just a stereotype. It does not always apply in the real world.

TV and movies will continue to perpetuate the stereotype, and sometimes they contrast it with the 1950’s, where, supposedly, every kid acted like a kid, and everyone spoke in a wholesome manner, and played catch with the dads, and went to church. For all we know, the 50’s probably wasn’t a golden age, and we’ll probably never know whether the stereotypes were true. But in our time, the stereotype of youth, most of the time, definitely isn’t true.

If teens do end up doing the things that are shown in the media, there’s only one explanation. Hormones? No, that crap’s already sailed buddy. It’s poor parenting.

Their parents are failing to fulfill their basic duties as parents, they’re failing to be someone for them to look up to with all the lying they’ve been doing to them as kids. The only reason a young person has to be violent and aggressive isn’t because it’s cool (which it totally isn’t), but because they’re parents were obviously treating them the same way. If not that, then the parents are ignoring them, or just raising them on TV.

I’m not talking about all parents. This just refers to the parents of whatever teenager actually meets the stereotype. I mean, come on. The teenage rebellion has to be a myth, because I haven’t even touched most of the stereotypes at all in the past 5 years. In fact, it’s the media’s fault for presenting me this false image, and assuming that all teenagers are like that. Because of the media, I tried long and hard to avoid that stereotype, no matter what the cost.

Maybe that was a good thing, because if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have created SMAGIC at all. Screw you British media!


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