Why Jesus would hate modern society

machine gun jesus

I just put this here because it’s AWESOME!

Remember, I am an atheist. But I’m not afraid to talk about religious figures, especially not Jesus. One thing I’m tired of is conservative Christians using Jesus to justify their selfish ideology, and to defend the Church. In reality, this is the very society Jesus set out to oppose 2,000 years ago.

Yes, he would utterly despise the modern world. If you want to grasp why, it is important to remember what he was teaching in the first place. According to Christians, Jesus’s most important teachings were:

  • “Love thy neighbour”
  • “Pay unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s” (a.k.a. “pay your taxes”)
  • “Feed the hungry”
  • “Clothe the naked”
  • “Shelter the homeless”
  • “Care for the sick”

If Christians think this society is following the teachings of Jesus, then they couldn’t be more wrong. Our society, in fact, is just as bad as it was in Jesus’ time, if not worse. How?

  1. We are a completely selfish society, and the most powerful men value profit over all else.
  2. We are completely uncaring and lazy, lending our lives to be increasingly cheapened by technology.
  3. We not only don’t love our neighbours, but we’re also completely jealous of them. We often go to war against neighbouring nations, and each other, for completely silly reasons.
  4. We worship a pantheon of false gods: money, celebrities, politicians, and internet stars.
  5. The Church is even more corrupt than the Pharisees of Jesus’ day ever could have been. Throughout history, they were allowed to get away with horrific abuse of power, slaughter of innocent freethinkers, child abuse, and scientific repression, and they take in millions of our hard-earned cash, while paying no taxes for it.
  6. Our politicians repress opposing views where possible, just like when the Romans used to crush all opposing religions, including Christianity.

In Jesus’ eyes, our society would be the heart of sin itself. Does anyone remember that one part of the bible, where Jesus was visiting the temple, and saw that the courtyard was filled with livestock and money changers. He got angry, thrashed at the money changers, and famously exclaimed, “my house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves”.

This is the kind of society that Jesus opposed, and yet we have wholeheartedly embraced this society, and even celebrated it.

angry jesus

If he were alive today, this is exactly what would happen.

I don’t think Jesus would like the thought of our society merchandising Jesus, and capitalizing on his teachings, and I’m sure that Jesus would be appalled at the fundamentalist Christians and Christian politicians distorting the teachings of Jesus to suit their political agenda.

With all honesty, all Jesus was concerned about was the coming of God’s thousand year kingdom, and nothing else. He’s gone through the same process as the Buddha: his teachings were distorted in order to meet a political/religious agenda, and was later dumbed down even further in the modern era in order to sell merchandise. The difference is that the Buddha cautioned against deifying him, while Jesus called himself “the son of God”.

Again, I am an atheist. But I am capable of reading between the lines, and seeing through the crap. I do know that Jesus wouldn’t have wanted society to be this way, nor would he have approved of what we did over the past 2,000 years. I’m saying we stop with the whole “what would Jesus do” crap, because odds are that Jesus wouldn’t want to be associated with it. Jesus wouldn’t even defend American capitalism, and yet the capitalists still associate Jesus with their beliefs. If you’re a Christian, and you truly believe in Jesus, and you actually know what he was saying, then you should know that what capitalists and fundamentalists are doing is wrong, and it could cross the line to blasphemy against Jesus in this context.

Not that I actually believe. I’m simply pointing out that Jesus wouldn’t accept today’s society, and would have the right mind to say that everyone was doomed to hell.

jesus meme

This just about sums it up.


9 thoughts on “Why Jesus would hate modern society

  1. Jesus never say, “whatsoever the government does for the least of these, it did to me”…he said “YOU”!! It’s up to YOU to make the world better. Stop depending on some bunch of bureaucrats to make you feel good.

    • I don’t depend on bureaucrats. In fact, I oppose big government. When I wrote this post I used to be left-wing, but even now I think Jesus would probably have been a socialist. Like the socialists, Jesus hated everything about the way society worked in his time, including the way merchants did business. I could argue that Jesus could have been a Marxist but that’s for a different post entirely. I think that given his rhetoric, Jesus would have favoured welfare programs and increased taxes for rich. There’s simply nothing that can adequately suggest that he would have been a capitalist Republican.

  2. Very interesting that you are an atheist and talk so highly of Jesus, I promise you have more faith and know Jesus more than many christians out there. I would like you to hear you opinion on the future of the church

    • Yes he knows Jesus SOOOOOO well he forgets one important factor
      Jesus wants us to take care of our fellow man by OUR OWN FREE WILL and NOT by govt edict

      • Actually, I’ve done some research, and although the Salvation Army, St. Mary’s and Habitat for Humanity are Christian organizations, Red Cross is not a religious nor a political organization. Although the people who founded Red Cross may have been Christian, the organization was never under the authority of the church, or any Christian organization.

  3. “I’m saying we stop with the whole “what would Jesus do” crap, because odds are that Jesus wouldn’t want to be associated with it” – wow! brilliantly written post, thank you very much, best read I’ve had in a while.

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