Don’t let political correctness ruin Christmas

happy holidays

Don’t let the poster fool you: I’m not a Christian, and I’m not a right-wing conservative. I’m just an atheist who’s sick and tired of the notion of the “war on Christmas” coming up every year! Let me tell you something about the war on Christmas. It’s just a sham created by Fox News so they can attack atheists all December long. In fact, even if there were, it’s the conservatives that are doing most, if not all of the hating.

But that doesn’t shield the liberals and the atheists from guilt at all. The mythical war on Christmas is partially their fault. What exactly did they do? They tried to ban such classic Christmas staples as:

  • The nativity scene (which is sacred to Christians)
  • Any mention of Santa Claus
  • Christmas trees (believe it or not)
  • The word Christmas (it would have to replaced with “Holidays” or “Xmas”

I can see how Christians would be angry, especially with the nativity scene (it being the only thing related to Christmas in the whole Bible). Why are the more liberal governors doing this? Simple: political correctness. Yep. Once again, political correctness is ruining lives. The idea is that they don’t want to offend people of other religions that don’t celebrate Christmas. The problem with catering to those other religions is that now you’ve pissed off the Christians too. You can’t strive to be inoffensive to everyone whilst simultaneously offending another group. In that sense, they’ve failed their purpose as egalitarians.

There is a knock-on effect of fighting over “what’s wrong with Christmas” – it ruins the whole point of Christmas.

The point of Christmas isn’t about celebrating Jesus. It’s about getting together, having a good time, and ignoring all the world’s problems. Putting politics into it will just make it worse. Do we really want the happiest day on Earth to be ruined by the same ideological warfare that has made the world a rotten place? Absolutely not. So if you’re going to stand up for Christmas, then fight to keep ideology out of Christmas.

christmas in new york

In the words of Dennis Leary, Merry f*ckin’ Christmas!


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