Why gambling is stupid

Let me clear one thing up: I have no problem with games of chance. Sometimes, they can be fun. Other times, they can annoying, and often can tear families apart.

mario party

Mario Party – the cause and enabler of some of the worst arguments in the modern family.

Otherwise, games of chance are pretty much harmless. But all that changes when money is put into it, then you have what’s known as gambling.

Gambling is when you bet money, or anything of value, on the uncertain result of an event. This usually happens in the form of specific games like bingo, poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

There are always three factors in bets:

  1. How much money you bet
  2. The predictability of the event (for example; 30, red)
  3. The odds that the players agreed on

It can be said that most gambling is done for fun, but if you do gamble, you can’t have any moral high ground. If you win, you are taking someone’s money, and whatever possessions are also bet, which is morally wrong. If you lose, it will hurt you financially. The reason you can’t take the moral high ground whilst gambling, is because it will hurt you financially by consistently losing in the name of morality. But it’s still highly immoral to take what isn’t yours through gambling.

Many religions have a mixed opinion of gambling. However, many Christian denominations will condemn it entirely.


“Gambling, the eighth deadly sin”

What exactly do Christians have against gambling? According to them, the bible doesn’t exactly say anything on gambling, but it “warns readers of the dangers of loving money”. That’s fine, but let me rephrase it:  the bible says nothing about gambling. Keep in mind, this is the same book that says nothing on abortion, stem cell research, nor Harry Potter. I may agree that gambling is bad, but I think that the Church was just finding a new way to crack down on happiness so they can convert more of the downtrodden.

What do I think of gambling? What would you say to someone who bets his car, or his house, and anything precious to the family, potentially dragging his family to the poor house just to try and fail to win a game of chance? I would call that person pathetic scum, because he puts a game of luck ahead of his family, and letting it control his life.

I have a question that any kid can ask: if they know it’s so bad, why do they do it? This same question applies to smoking, and alcohol. In the case of gambling, I think people keep doing it because they’re stupid. I mean, what kind of person says that “you don’t stop when you’re on a hot streak”? That is one of the stupidest things to teach your children.


It’s kids like him that parents never listen to.

Also, parents try to use everything to teach their kids that gambling is wrong, while covering up the fact that they may have gambled recklessly in the past (if they have). I honestly don’t see how something that can destroy lives is still legal? But I think I know how: corruption.

The US government literally bathes in funds from casinos (especially Indian casinos), leading to numerous reports of corruption. Currently, gambling is legal, and is the fastest growing industry in the world, and it’s always been glamorized by the media.

Gambling facilities like casinos are far too widespread, making it available to many people. The casinos, and the governments who swim in their money, try their hardest to depict them as harmless fun. The reality is that it’s more destructive than tobacco, alcohol, any illegal drug could be, and with the power of advertising, getting into an addiction is a hell of a lot easier, especially when you consider that they aren’t giving the same lectures they would normally do in the case of smoking and alcohol. And with no public safety videos discouraging gambling having been aired at any point in history, nobody has ever been scared away from gambling.

Imagine how much of an effect gambling addiction has on your career, your physical and mental health, or even your marriage? It’s a known fact that gambling addiction is a one-way ticket straight to the ghetto. Naturally, once the gambler realizes he’s poor, he’ll naturally want a way back up. So guess what, he goes straight to the nearest place where he can receive welfare from the government. Who has to foot the bill? Us, the non-gambling taxpayers!


My God, it’s the birth of an evil empire.

Because gambling is legal, they have the power to exploit the poor and desperate. It’s a simple formula: a poor person needs money to get out his hellhole of a life, and gambling has the probability to give him enough money to make that possible, and all he has to do is buy casino tickets, and play the slots. Naturally, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll win at all, so when the poor gamble, they stay poor, whether they like it or not, and all because they odds are designed to keep the poor in the ghetto.

And all of this happens more and more because gambling is still legal.

Ladies and gentlemen, how long can we continue to defend the morally indefensible? Gambling is bad, and there’s evidence all around us that proves it. It costs governments millions, maybe billions of dollars, and it exploits the poor, which is already an unfathomably immoral thing to do. And as long as it’s legal, the cancerous grip of gambling will continue to destroy our society. Which means the solution is obvious: gambling should be illegal. If we care about our poor, we need to take down the gambling industry. The first step is criminalization. But people will still try to gamble even if it’s illegal, so criminalization is not the only way. The second step would be to reduce the number of what would become newly-criminalized gambling facilities. The third step would be tough enforcement of these laws.

My point is this: you can continue to defend gambling by abusing the “freedom” card all you want, but I’m going to stick to my gut, and my brain, and make what I firmly believe is a rational choice, because once you start gambling, it’s hard as hell to stop.


6 thoughts on “Why gambling is stupid

  1. Not to mention how reckless people drive to get to the casino. My soon to be ex-husband picked out and bought our house when he relocated where we live now for his job. We soon moved to him. Little did I know that we were on a major street that connects two casinos. The posted speed limit is 25mph. No one does 25, more like 55. Two children were killed about 15 years ago on this very street. There is also a high school only yards away. The man who killed them said he was taking a sip of beer and took his eyes off the road. He wasn’t drunk so he was not arrested for a DUI. He didn’t serve any time in jail. He was on his way to the casino. He didn’t serve one minute in jail. There is no way he was doing 25 MPH. He was trying to get to that casino. I woke up 4:30 this morning because of the street noise. Cars speeding by. I look out my window, they are on their phones, drinking their coffee, trying to get to the casino. My husband abandoned us, that’s his wife, his daughter, and our three orphaned grandchildren (their parents are dead, their mother being my daughter). He could not stay away from the casino. Not gambling, that I know of, but the free concerts that they give to lure people in. Where he started secretly meeting a girl he knew from high school. Where else can you stay out at all night other than a casino? Some joke and say the Native Americans are seeking revenge on the colonists? What’s so funny? How is it funny to ever be destructed whether you are on the giving or receiving end?

  2. I don’t think it’s fair to call poker a 100% game of chance, sure it’s 25% luck, but it all comes down to how good at manipulating your own emotions you are and how well you can read emotions, I play texts holdem at small tornememts almost monthly and put around £40 in the pot each time and me and my partner almost always come home victorious, and I’ve personally made over £1200 (including loses)over 2 years

  3. its a total killer man gambling will destroy your life far more than drugs or alcohol it is the worst addiction on planet earth,it is the only addiction that has no limits ,lose your life savings in aweek! it should be illeagal ,but we all know rich men getting richer of the backs of average joes,the only way out is to ban yourself from all casinos etc.YOU CANNOT WIN

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